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The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 & Star Wars Rebels: A Comic Motion Podcast Review

Welcome to The Amazing Advocate! Our mission is to provide daily reviews of various comic book podcast episodes so you can stay up to date on the latest news and discussions in the world of comics. Today, we will be reviewing the Comic Motion Podcast's latest episode "The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 & Star Wars Rebels" hosted by Mike Megan, offering their views on the latest Mandalorian episode and the Star Wars Rebels' cameo. It's an episode full of insightful analysis, entertainment, and plenty of laughs, making it a must-listen for any Star Wars fan. 

#404- April 9th's PULL-LIST PRIORITIES!

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Cheers To Comics! Podcast
The Cheers To Comics! Podcast episode from April 9th featured Brian Wayne discussing all the comics that were added to final order cutoff. Use code "podcast" to save 10% at checkout on The podcast is affiliated with The Apodalypse, Geek Collective, Age Radio Podcast Network, and Nerds4Ever. The host discusses comics with a positive and fun tone. The intro/outro music was composed by Grady Lewis. Learn more about ad choices by visiting Follow Cheers To Comics! on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Contact for booking or advertisement opportunities. #cheerstocomics #comicbookpodcast #geekcollective #thenerdyplanet #thenerds4ever #theapodalypse #apodnetwork

Star Wars: The Mandalorian S3E06, Chapter 22: Guns For Hire, Plus Star Wars Rebels, Mon Cala War & More – With Mike & Megan

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
The Comics In Motion podcast brings us a discussion of The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6. Hosts Mike and Megan take the lead in this episode, with Megan offering her view of the Mandalorian series and live-action show. The episode includes mentions of Star Wars Rebels, 3 cameos, Mandalorian culture, the Mon Calamari/Quarren war, and more. The hosts offer insightful analysis and plenty of entertainment, making this a must-listen for Star Wars fans. You can find Megan on Instagram @grittsgetsfit and consider going to for exclusive content. Overall, this episode provides engaging content, and the Comics In Motion podcast has plenty of incredible creators to check out.


Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
The Comic Book Yeti podcast covered the highly anticipated spinoff hit of the boys love slice-of-life series, Sasaki and Miyano. The simplistic storytelling and coming-of-age antics make this instant classic a relatable and approachable read. The artwork is soft and harkens back to classic shoujo titles, adding a dreamy and idyllic nature to the story of young love. The dynamic between the two unlikely roommates, Kagiura and Hirano, is fun to follow as they navigate high school and discover themselves. This sports anime twist is reminiscent of Haikyu and will surely be a hit among manga fans. @harusonoorg #SasakiandMiyano #ComicBookYeti #manga #boyslove #sportsanime

Who’s the Bossk? – Episode 149: Star-Crossed Fish People with Holly Frey

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Who's the Bossk?
In Who's the Bossk? episode 149, Starcrossed Fish People, returning guest Holly Frey gives us the Full Sith on this week's new Star Wars news. Host Mike Celestino and Frey meet at the London Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 to discuss all things Star Wars, from the X-wing miniatures game to the future of the franchise. The banter is lively, and as always, Frey's wit and insight make for a great listen. Don't miss this episode, and follow Who's the Bossk? (@whosthebossk) for more Star Wars fun.

The Legion Project 40: What Starfinger Touches…

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast
The Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast's latest episode delves into Legion of Superheroes #40, "Just When I Thought I Was Rid of Starfinger...". Hosts Peter and Eric provide an entertaining and insightful cover-to-cover discussion of the issue. One highlight is the analysis of Starfinger's character and how he remains a formidable villain even after being defeated multiple times. Another interesting aspect is the appearance of Amethyst from V3 #1 and the discussion of the potential impact on the DC Universe. Fans of the Legion Project joint podcast production won't want to miss this episode. Follow @longboxreview on Instagram for more comic book goodness.

Special guest Karl Kerschl ("The Abominable Charles Christopher")

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Lab
Comic Lab's latest episode features special guest, Karl Kerschl, discussing his work in both corporate and independent comics, as well as prepping for his Kickstarter campaign. Kerschl shares insights on juggling multiple projects and pitching to Image Comics. Plus, listeners can submit questions to get exclusive protips. Join the Comic Lab community on Patreon for more great content. #ComicLab #KarlKerschl #Kickstarter #ImageComics #Patreon #Podcast

Episode 182: Roll Out

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comadres y Comics Podcast
Review: On the latest Comadres y Comics podcast episode, they discuss everything from the cancelation of Willow at Disney to some juicy beef between Zachary Levi and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. But what caught my attention was the book review of "UnF*ck Your Sex Toys: An Illustrated Guide to Making Affordable, Safe, and Fun DIY Sex Toys." Dr. Faith G. Harper gives advice on creating your own sex toys, making them affordable and safe. River Katz provides excellent illustrations, making it an enjoyable read. Check it out! (@saxviarscomics) #ComadresyComics #DIYsextoys #comicbookpodcast

Steve Orlando’s Marauders—Annotated, Part 2!

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
The Comic Book Herald podcast recently discussed Marauder #68, written by Steve Orlando with art by Eleonora Carlini, Andrea Broccardo, and Matt Milla. The podcast highlighted the interesting time-traveling storyline, with annotations of issues 15 and 912 to speculate on future revelations. The therapy session subplot was also praised, referencing a classic X-Factor storyline. Overall, a fun and engaging episode for comic book fans. @comicbookherald #marauder #marvelcomics


Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Talk Today
Comic Talk Today's latest episode may not have had the usual juicy news, but the suggestions given were nerdily interesting. The hosts did dive into a hilarious discussion on how much they'd spend to have a real-life TARDIS as well. Tune in the regular episode next week and don't miss out on the live show on Friday nights. Support the show by visiting their merch store and leaving an Apple Podcasts review. @comictalktoday.

Episode 182- Happy 4th Anniversary TCB!

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: The Comic Bookies
The Comic Bookies had a special 4 year anniversary episode and it did not disappoint! They talked about sports, MLB season, and NBA/NHL playoffs. For comic fans, they discussed stories from DC, Marvel, Boom Studios, Image, and Dark Horse. They also talked about Harry Potter series on HBO Max and the new Secret Invasion and Blue Beetle trailers. Follow them on IG and Twitter and stay tuned for their next huge giveaway. This podcast is a must-listen for comic book geeks (@thecomicbookies).

Indie Comics Spotlight: Creator Corner: The Berg

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
The Comics In Motion podcast had an exciting episode last week! Writer Sarah Peploe and artist Gavin Mitchell talk about their upcoming Kickstarter project, Berg. Tony also joined the discussion as part of the creative team. They shared how they formed the team and their inspirations for the story. I loved how the discussion gave me insight into the creators' thought process. If you're a comic book fan, this episode is a must-listen. @comicsinmotionpodcast #comicbookfans #bergkickstarter #comicsinmotion

Jake Lewis

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Great Pop Culture Debate Podcast
In a recent episode of the Great Pop Culture Debate Podcast, host Jake Lewis interviews a fellow Dallas native with a love for animals and pop culture. Despite not knowing who shot JR, Debbie proves to be a fun and engaging guest. The highlight of the episode is when the group debates which comic book adaptation was better, The Dark Knight or The Avengers. Follow @greatpopculturedebate on Instagram for more pop culture discussions. #podcastreview #geekculture

Riverdale After Dark: “Skip, Hop And Thump!”

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
The Comic Book Club's "Skip Hop Thump" episode recaps Riverdale season 5, episode 2. Archie bet Veronica that he knows how to dance, but turns to Betty for help. Meanwhile, Toni tries to recruit Fangs for the upcoming Riverdale High sock hop. As usual, things get crazy and stirring occurrences happen. Jughead and Ethel also conduct a horror comic book sale with dire consequences. Overall, the episode is worth a listen for fans of the show or comic book lovers. Check them out on Instagram @comicbookclublive.

Supergirl Radio – Wildest Dreams (Crossover with The Flash Podcast)

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Supergirl Radio
Supergirl Radio's Morgan Glennon and Rebecca Johnson joined The Flash Podcast to discuss Nicole Maines' guest appearance as Nia Nal/The Dreamer in The Flash's "Wildest Dreams" episode. They shared their thoughts on the character's growth and the representation of the trans community. The hosts also discussed the similarities between Supergirl and The Flash universes. Overall, this episode highlighted the importance of representation in the superhero genre. Find Supergirl Radio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #SupergirlRadio #TheFlashPodcast #NicoleMaines #RepresentationMatters

FAMILIAR FACE... it's like being in a Radiohead album

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Quarantined Comics
In Quarantined Comics' episode "Michael DeForge's Familiar Face," the host discusses DeForge's unique artistic style and storytelling ability. I enjoyed the segment where the host analyzed the theme of self-transformation in DeForge's work, and how it relates to our own lives. The discussion of DeForge's eerie, yet fascinating world was thought-provoking. The episode left me eager to check out more of DeForge's work. Follow @quarantinedcomics on Instagram for more great content.

Comic Picks #390: Trigun

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Picks By The Glick
In the latest episode of Comic Picks By The Glick, our host and his friend Marisa dive into everything Trigun: the original anime, Trigun Maximum manga, and the new Trigun Stampede anime. Glick and Marisa offer insightful critiques and trivia, including discussing the deeper themes and backstory of the characters. An interesting highlight was their comparison of the two Trigun graphic novel series, highlighting the differences in storytelling and pacing. For more comic book discussions, follow @comicpicksbytheglick on Instagram!

Comic Picks of the Week: April 5, 2023

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: The Comic Book Spot
The Comic Book Spot's latest episode had some interesting picks for new comic book day. The final part of Jeremy Adams' and Roger Cruz's "One Minute War" in The Flash #796 was a highlight with nearly completed speed-force-enhanced invasion and time travel tricks up the Flash Family's sleeves. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' "Saga" #63 was another great read with Alaina reliving a day and Hazel dreading the idea of bringing her dad back to life. Chuck Brown's take on the Disney villain Scar in Scar #1 was also a standout pick. Overall, a great episode for comic book fans to catch up on the latest releases. Follow The Comic Book Spot on Instagram for more recommendations. #comicbookspot #comicbookreviews #newcomicbookday

Back in 2016, remembering San Diego Comic Fest…

Date: 06 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast recently had an exciting episode featuring Chad and Colleen meeting Stan Sakai. They talked about picking up a book to sign and got a quick sketch from the famous artist. It was amazing to hear about the encounter, and any fan of comic books should check it out! @comicreliefpodcast #comics #podcasts

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