Thursday, April 6, 2023

The Amazing Advocate Reviews: Jennifer Deross Interview, Mike On Thin Ice & Something I Needed To Do For Myself

Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, where we review some of the best comic book podcast episodes. In today's review, we have picked three fantastic podcasts for you. First, we have the Signal of Doom podcast's latest episode where Jennifer Deross shares an inspiring story about comic book legend Gardner Fox. Then, we have Read Comic Book's podcast's newest episode, where Mike, Tia, and Nick discuss the future of Marvel comics and reality TV. Lastly, we have Bitches on Comics' podcast's latest episode, where Takisoma talks about self-improvement and the importance of taking care of oneself. We promise you an insightful and enjoyable experience, so grab your popcorns and get ready for an exciting ride.

Jennifer DeRoss Interview – Gardner Fox Biography, The Plot Machine, Batman Utility Belt, Dave Briefly Discovers his Soul, Justice League AND Society, Wonder Woman, Julie Schwartz After Dark, John Lennon!

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Signal of Doom: A Comic Book Podcast
Signal of Doom's latest episode features a great interview with Jennifer DeRoss about her book on comic book legend Gardner Fox. Hosts Dave and Stew geek out over the forgotten history of All-Star Comics and Legion of Superheroes while Jennifer shares amazing stories. Support Signal of Doom on Patreon and follow them on Twitter. #signalofdoom #comicbooks #podcasts

Episode 367 | Mike Is On Thin Ice

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: I Read Comic Books
The latest episode of I Read Comic Books is worth a listen! Mike, Tia, and Nick discuss everything from the future of Marvel comics to reality TV, with plenty of comic book talk in between. They also share some great comic book picks, including the highly recommended Faster by Jesse Lonergan and SP4RX by Wren McDonald. But what really caught my attention was their discussion on Ike Perlmutter, the chairman of Marvel Entertainment, and his involvement with Disney. The hosts offer some intriguing insights into the Marvel/Disney relationship that I hadn't considered before. Overall, it's a fun and informative episode for comic book enthusiasts. Check it out on their website or follow them on Instagram @ircbpodcast!

Episode 151: Something I Needed to Do For Myself featuring Taki Soma

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Bitches on Comics
The recent episode of Bitches on Comics where Taki Soma discusses her graphic memoir "Sleeping Standing" is deeply personal and cathartic. From discussing the purpose of the memoir, to dealing with grief and tragedy, losing a pet, and the universality of these experiences, it's a touching and funny episode. Soma's book can be found through Avery Hill Publishing, and followers of Bitches on Comics can check out their Instagram and Twitter accounts. I highly recommend this podcast to fellow comic book fans, and don't forget to give them a 5-star review on your favorite podcast platform.

The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 582

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: The Comic Conspiracy
The latest episode of Comic Conspiracy covers WonderCon 2023, recent news stories, and Ike Perlmutter getting the boot. Hosts Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, Kevin Sharp, and Lane Terasaki provide their insights on each topic, making for a fun and informative listen. The quick hit segments keep things interesting and make this episode a must-listen for comic book fans. Instagram Handle: @comicconspiracy.

X-Reads Podcast Episode 97: ‘X-Men Unlimited’ #7 with Stephanie Williams

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: X-Reads – AIPT
Stephanie Williams joins the X-Reads podcast to talk about her recent X-Men run and the classic X-Men Unlimited #7 issue. As a comic book historian and creator herself, Williams brings fresh insight and analysis to the episode. The hosts also delve into the ultimate fashion look of Storm and the artwork by John Romita Jr. Fans of X-Men and pop culture in general will definitely enjoy this episode. Follow @xreadspodcast on Twitter and Instagram for more X-Men related content.

Major Spoilers Podcast #1021: The Thorgal Podcast

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Major Spoilers Podcast – Major Spoilers
In the latest Major Spoilers Podcast episode, the team discusses the latest Thorgal change, Marvel Entertainment's Scott Pilgrim review, and Planet of the Ape #1. Local Man #2 and The Exorcist that Never Dies also get a mention. The highlight is when the team explores what happens when you put a hat on a hat, with hilarious results. Definitely worth a listen for comic book fans! @majorspoilers #podcastreview #comicbookfan #geeklife

The Stack: Planet Of The Apes, Poison Ivy, And More

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
Comic Book Club's latest podcast episode on this week's comic book releases is a must-listen for comic book fans. The review includes a diverse range of new comic book releases, including Marvel's Planet Ape and DC's Poison Ivy. The hosts break down the highlights of each issue and provide entertaining commentary on the artwork and the writing. One of the most interesting segments is the review of Disney Villain Scar, Dynamite's latest offering written by Chuck Brown with art by Trevor Fraley. Don't miss out on this fun and informative podcast, available on @comicbookclublive on Instagram.

Shirtless Bear-Fighter by Jody Leheup, Sebastian Girner, and Nil Vendrell

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: The Reader Copy Podcast
The latest episode of The Reader Copy Podcast is a must-listen for comic book fans! Chris and Daniel discuss the hilarious and action-packed "Shirtless Bearfighter" comic, while also diving into some DC movie news and chatting with industry pros like Jody LeHeup and Sebastian Girner. Plus, their analysis of Joe Quesada's recent Amazon deal is insightful and entertaining. Don't miss this episode - check out @thereadercopypodcast on Instagram and give them a follow! #comicbookpodcast #theradercopy #shirtlessbearfighter

| The Comic Multiverse Ep,300

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: The Comic Multiverse
In the Comic Multiverse's 300th episode, Joel and Matt cover a range of topics including Superman's air adventure, Marvel CEO's deal with Disney, and Lady Gaga's secret invasion debut. The hosts also discuss the upcoming Blade and Batman & Robin series, and the reunion of the Scott Pilgrim cast for an anime on Netflix. The podcast is a must-listen for die-hard comic book fans, and the hosts' chemistry is top-notch. Follow CapedJoel on Instagram for more comic book updates.

Spec Tales First Comic Con Appearance and A Listener Submitted Grail Tale

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Spec Tales: A Comic Book Podcast
Spec Tales: A Comic Book Podcast's latest episode features Jesús telling his experience representing Spec Tale at the local comic book convention in Houston. The grail tale unfolded right before his eyes and listeners get to hear another Hulk-sized proportions grail tale. You may want to bring tissues. Support the show by subscribing to Patreon to gain exclusive bonus content and join the private Discord conversation. Give feedback, suggest topics, and share your grail tales! Find them on Twitter and Instagram or shoot them a message anytime. Thanks for listening, Spec Tale.

Booster Gold ft The Comics That We Love

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Keepers
The Comic Book Keepers podcast is officially live on Patreon! Hosts Chris and Lance break down the history of "greatest hero you've never heard," Booster Gold. They also discuss stealing tech from the future, jumping to the past, and the love of comics. Their witty banter and extensive knowledge make this episode a must-listen for any comic book fan. Support the show on Patreon and follow them on Instagram @cbkcast for more great content. #cbkcast #comicbookkeepers #comics #podcastreview

The Best Comics of 2023 (So Far)!

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
In the Comic Book Herald podcast, they discuss the best new comic releases of 2023. They highlight one surprising graphic novel by PB Rainey called "Why Don't You Love Me?" that has been raved about by Zack Quaintance and other comics critics. The story revolves around a twist and turn that is best left unspoiled, but it's a tricky tale that has alternating intrigue, disgust, and laughter. While there is a lot of uncomfortable cruelty, the black-and-white strip style and detailing of the characters' lives make it a compelling read. Definitely, check this one out! @comicbookherald #comicbookpodcast #newcomics #mustread #graphicnovel #comicscritic

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #592: The Paul Blart: Mall Cop of my Heart

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics
The Talking Comics podcast is a must-listen for any comic book enthusiast! In this episode, hosts Bob, Aaron, Chris, and Steve celebrate Gladd Award winners and visit the conspiracy theory deep end. They discuss everything from the Blue Beetle trailer to final issues of Wall v Wildstorm and Harley Quinn #28. Plus, their comic picks include Clobberin Time #1 and Strange Academy #5. Tune in for their office talk and webtoon recommendations, including Nevermore and Aerial Magic. Overall, this podcast is a fun, engaging, and informative listen for all comic book lovers out there! Follow them on Instagram @talkingcomicbooks.

#386 - Comic News Recap: Joe Quesada joins Amazon, Heritage Auction sets new record, Last Ronin the video game, and more!

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: The Short Box: A Comic Book Talk Show
The Short Box: A Comic Book Talk Show with guest, Eli Schwab, founder of Cosmic Lion Productions and host of Thwipp! podcast, covered a range of topics. Former Marvel EIC, Joe Quesada, signing an exclusive deal with Amazon Studios at 08:35 was a highlight. At 17:27, they discuss Disney firing the Marvel Entertainment CEO & Chairman and Marvel's Phase 5 changes. At 26:12, they mention the record-breaking four-day Comic & Comic Art Signature Auction held by Heritage Auctions. They also talk about TMNT: The Last Ronin becoming a video game at 50:08. Host, Ben, shared his top 3 comic picks for the week at 55:38 and there's a comic giveaway contest. The discussion is lively and informative. If you're a comic book fan, this is a podcast for you.

WCPEver Episode 458 - Jonathan Hickman's Next Project at Marvel

Date: 05 Apr 2023
The latest episode of Worst. Comic. Podcast. Ever! dives into Marvel's animated trailer for Jonathan Hickman's next project and the recent wave of corporate job cuts at Disney. Not much is revealed in the trailer, but the hosts still find excitement in the prospect of a new project from Hickman. The discussion also touches on personal experiences with job cuts and how it affects the comic industry. As always, the podcast is proudly sponsored by Clints Comics and the hosts share their top picks for the week. Check it out for an insider's perspective on the comic book world. #worstcomicpodcastever @clints_comics

Episode 1384 - MOCCA: Hyesu Lee/Jess Ruliffson!

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Comic News Insider
On the latest episode of Comic News Insider, Jimmy interviews two amazing creators: Hyesu Lee and Jess Ruliffson. Hyesu talks about her journey from South Korea to London to Brooklyn, and her upcoming graphic novel. Jess discusses her new book "Invisible Wound" published by Fantagraphics, and how it was an honor to provide a story teaching comic for vets. Stay tuned for more great interviews from Mocca Fest! #ComicNewsInsider #MoccaFest #comicbooks #podcasts

Fortress of Comic News Ep. 311: Comic Press Roundtable

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Fortress of Comic News
In the latest episode of Fortress of Comic News, Chris sits down with Greg, Bearded Comic Bro, Cole of Cole Comic Claim, and Blake of Blake Buzz to discuss the latest insider chat on the independent comic press business. The guests provide fascinating insights into the world of comic books and share their favorite comics. One of the most interesting parts was when they shared their views on how the independent comic world has been affected by the current pandemic. Make sure to check out the guests' YouTube channels using the link provided. Overall, this episode was a great listen for any comic book fan out there. Follow Fortress of Comics News on their Facebook Group or visit their website for more exciting content. #fortressofcomicnews #indiecomics #comics #podcast.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman pt. 4 ft. Evan Von Doom

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: The Comics Collective | Comic Book Podcast
The Comics Collective's latest episode features a chat with Dallas, Lexi, and Evan, diving into the finale of Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run. The trio offers insightful commentary on Hickman's writing style and how it impacted the storyline. They also discuss the role of each character in the series and tie up loose ends. A must-listen for die-hard comic book enthusiasts! @comicscollectivepodcast #comicscollective #fantasticfour #comicbookpodcast

381: Through the Cronen-Hole

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Zero Issues Comic Podcast
The latest episode of Zero Issues Comic Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who has experienced the tragic turn of fandoms towards toxicity. The hosts engage in a fun and far-reaching discussion about the evolution of the fan community online and the various platforms that have changed the experience. One interesting part was when they shared twisted tales of deranged comment threads from a Brie Larson news post. On a brighter note, they celebrated their 9th anniversary by playing a new game using a trusty deck of 1991 Marvel Universe trading cards. Roll the die, and randomly select a hero or villain to reveal some hidden truths. It's totally bodacious! Direct download mp3 post 381 #cronenhole appeared first on Zero Issue Comic Podcast. As a fellow comic book fan, I appreciate the positive and professional tone of this episode. #zerointerviewscomicpodcast

Episode 145 - Deadpool Samurai

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: The Comic Crusade
In the latest episode of The Comic Crusade, hosts Jim and Sean dive into the world of Deadpool. They discuss the character's origins, his unique brand of humor, and his impact on the comic book industry. One interesting point they bring up is how Deadpool's popularity has led to an influx of similar characters with fourth-wall-breaking abilities. The hosts also touch on the recent controversy surrounding the character's creator, Rob Liefeld. Overall, a great episode for fans of Deadpool and comic books in general. @thecomiccrusadepodcast

#130: Artist Mike Perkins Joins the Show!

Date: 05 Apr 2023
Source: Captain America Comic Book Fans
The Captain America Comic Book Fans podcast episode with Mike Perkins, a longtime comic illustrator, was a must-listen for any Cap fan. Perkins discussed his three-year run working with writer Ed Brubaker on the Captain America series and the challenges that came with it. One interesting tidbit was Perkins' revelation that he keeps a favorite piece of Cap art stashed away in his freezer to preserve its quality. The conversation also touched on the guest's favorite Cap writers and artists. The host and guest had great chemistry, making for an enjoyable listen. Follow @capcomicfans on Twitter and join the Facebook group to connect with fellow fans. Support the show by donating or leaving a recorded message. Visit for more.

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