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Picard's Character Journey and Superman's Battle Against the KKK

Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, your daily source for reviews of all the best comic book podcasts out there. Today, we are excited to bring you highlights from three incredible episodes. First up, Comic Geek Speak reunites their team to bring you an in-depth discussion of Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 8, surrender. Peter Shanes leads the charge as they delve into character journeys, theory and speculation about the season finale, and the future of the Star Trek franchise. Next, the Comic Trade Monthly podcast is worth a listen for any comic book fan. They review a 1940 radio play brought to life by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru, which pits Superman against the KKK. Finally, the Majorspoilers podcast is back with another exciting episode, focusing on The Last Ronin. Join us as we explore these episodes, and more, to discover some of the best comic book podcasts out there. 

1895 - Let's Talk Picard

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Geek Speak Podcast - The Best Comic Book Podcast
In the latest episode of Comic Geek Speak Podcast, the hosts reunite for an in-depth discussion of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 8, "Surrender". Peter Shanes examines the character journey theory, while the team probes the original and next generations' progression. They highlight Jack Crusher, whom they deem the big bad, and contemplate the finale's excitement and future of Star Trek. Spoiler alert ahead, so evasive maneuvers if you haven't seen Season 3 yet! A must-listen for any Star Trek or comic book fan.

Superman Smashes the Klan

Date: 11 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Trades Monthly
The Comic Trades Monthly is worth a listen for comic book fans. In one recent episode, the hosts discussed the 1940 radio play brought to life by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru. But what caught my attention was the story of "Mock One" and their battle against the KKK. It's a great story for kids and worth the promise to tune in next month to hear about "Deadly Class." The episode left me excited for what's to come.

Major Spoilers Podcast #1022: The Last Ronin Podcast

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Major Spoilers Podcast – Major Spoilers
The latest episode of Major Spoilers podcast delved into the world of TMNT's "The Last Ronin" and brought up some interesting points about the story. The hosts also discussed IDW Publishing and their upcoming projects, as well as giving a review of Star Trek: Defiant #2 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tarot cards. One of the most exciting parts was hearing their thoughts on the Star Wars universe and how they felt about the latest releases. This podcast is a must-listen for any comic book fan looking for a witty and informative discussion.

Episode 184 – The Strange Death of Adam Warlock Part 1

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: The Comics Canon
The Comics Canon's latest episode is a two-part look into the definitive Adam Warlock story, the Magus Saga. This far-out tale features the artificially created superpowered space messiah with a cursed gem on his forehead that devours people's souls. The episode delves into the comic's cosmic face-off against his evil intergalactic empire and shadow self. The highlight of the episode features guest appearances from Warlock's newfound allies, Thanos, Gamora, and Pip the troll. The hosts discuss their favorite parts of the story and how it fits into the comic canon. If you're a fan of Marvel or comic books in general, this podcast is worth a listen.

Center Seat: Star Trek: Picard S3E2/3 "Disengage" / "Seventeen Seconds"

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast
Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast's latest episode features podcaster extraordinaire Darrell "Starfleet" Taylor discussing the second and third episodes of Star Trek: Picard season 3. The highlight of the episode is the in-depth analysis of the episodes, including the overarching themes and character development. Listeners can also send in feedback via email and social media. The podcast is a must-listen for all comic book and Star Trek fans.

Black Science by Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: The Reader Copy Podcast
The Reader Copy Podcast's latest episode covers a range of exciting topics: Amerime week, Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera's Black Science, and more. Chris and Daniel explore the latest trailers from DC, Marvel, and Adult Swim. They even squeeze in a discussion on the upcoming Superman cartoon. Don't miss out on their slick, informative content! Follow them on social media, and make sure you check out their website for even more great episodes. Their outro music, provided by MDK's Hyper Beam, is the perfect way to sign off.

Who’s the Bossk? – Episode 150: LIVE from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 with Adam Christopher, The High Republic Authors, and the Hasbro Team

Date: 11 Apr 2023
Source: Who's the Bossk?
"Who's the Bossk?" just released a live episode from the Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 and it's a must-listen. The highlight is definitely the three interviews with notable guests, including "The High Republic" author Adam Christopher and the Hasbro team. It's clear that the hosts are passionate fans of the franchise and the energy is contagious. The insights about upcoming Star Wars projects make for exciting listening. This episode proves that "Who's the Bossk?" is a top-notch podcast for all Star Wars fans.

WonderCon 2023 Recap ft Brad Gullickson (Comic Book Couples Counseling)

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Keepers
The most recent Comic Book Keepers episode covered Wondercon 2023 and it did not disappoint. The hosts, Chris and Lance, along with guests Brad and Jeremy, shared their surreal experience and takeaways from the convention. They also announced the launch of their official Patreon, where fans can receive bonus content, exclusive episode access, and even a private Discord. The Geekly Grind, a fantastic website that covers everything from comics to anime, also gets a shoutout. The hosts provide fun banter and insightful commentary throughout the episode. It’s a must-listen for any comic book fan looking to stay up-to-date on the latest in the industry.

Episode 368 | Giant Robots: The Easiest Sale

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: I Read Comic Books
In the latest episode of I Read Comic Books, Kevin Maher joins the crew to talk about his comic Toxic Man. The interview delves into Maher's creative process and inspirations behind the comic. The episode also covers a range of comics, from the nostalgic GI Joe: Real American Hero #298 to the highly anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin. One of the highlights of the episode is Maher's recommendations of indie comics such as Indigo Child and a Canadian comic named Duck Two Year Oil Sand. Overall, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to discover new comics and insight into the creative minds behind them.

Al chats with H. Wayne Desper/The Mythicals – Comic Crusaders Podcast #286

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Crusaders Podcast
The latest episode of Comic Crusaders Podcast, hosted by Al Mega, featured a fascinating conversation with indie comic creator/writer H. Wayne Desper. They dove deep into Desper's latest campaign, Mythicals, and the creative process behind it. The banter was engaging and I appreciated the insights into the indie comic world. Make sure to check them out on all streaming platforms!

Bonus Episode: Billy West, John DiMaggio, and Jim Cummings Interview

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: The Short Box: A Comic Book Talk Show
In the latest episode of The Short Box, trio of iconic voice actors (Billy West, John DiMaggio, and Jim Cummings) talk about their profession and share some tricks of the trade. The conversation covers everything from their early days in the industry to their latest appearances, making it both informative and entertaining. If you're a fan of these talented performers or the art of voice acting in general, this episode is a must-listen. Plus, if you want even more bonus content and access to unreleased episodes, consider joining their Patreon community. And don't forget to use the discount code "YOO" when you buy merch from their store, Gotham City Limit, to save 10%. Overall, an enjoyable and informative episode from The Short Box.

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #593: Presented by Kristen Gudsnuk

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics
In the latest episode of Talking Comics, hosts Bob, Aaron, John, and Steve were joined by special guest Kristen Gudsnuk to discuss her new graphic novel and the latest happenings in the comic book world. Highlights included a discussion about the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie and new releases like Saga 63 and Scarlet Witch 4. The banter between the hosts was lively and fun, making for an enjoyable listen for any comic book fan. Check it out on! #TalkingComics #ComicBookPodcast

WCPEver Episode 459 - A Rainbow of Lightsabers

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Worst. Comic. Podcast. Ever! knocked it out of the park with their latest episode. They covered a plethora of exciting trailers, including Barbie and The Mandalorian. Celebrity guests and advancements in the main story kept me engaged. I loved their 3 choices section, in which they recommended comics sponsored by friend Clint's Comics. Make sure to check out for all your comic needs. I highly recommend this podcast, which is proudly sponsored by Clint's Comics. Worst. Comic. Podcast. Ever! always delivers the latest and greatest in the comic book world.

Fortress of Comic News Ep. 312 feat. the Baggs Brothers

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Fortress of Comic News
Fortress of Comic News podcast episode covers multiple topics including Star Wars Celebration, new Batman Beyond comic, and the Baggs brothers working together. Highlight of the episode is the hosts' discussion about their comic book reading list. This episode is a must-listen for all comic book fans. Don't forget to support the show using the Amazon associate link and check out their merchandise.


Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: The Comics Collective | Comic Book Podcast
In the latest episode of The Comics Collective, Anne, Lexi, and Dallas chat about the legendary comic book series, Thunderbolts. They even have a special guest, Kurt Busiek, who shares insights on the collaboration with artist Mark Bagley. The episode is filled with fun anecdotes and interesting behind-the-scenes stories that will delight any comic book fan. Definitely worth a listen!

Episode 146 - Checkmate

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: The Comic Crusade
The Comic Crusade recently featured an episode called "Hope Like Politics" that tackled the question of whether superheroes can inherently bring hope to the world. The hosts went deep into exploring the symbolism of iconic characters like Superman and Captain America, and how they represent hope in different ways. The guest speaker gave insightful thoughts on the potential drawbacks of relying on superheroes for hope. Overall, a thought-provoking episode for any fan of comics and their messages.

382: Superman’s Race with the Flash – Sponsored by Brown Sprite

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Zero Issues Comic Podcast
The Zero Issues Comic Podcast's latest episode, "Superman's Race with Flash – Sponsored by Brown Sprite," is a must-listen for any comic book fan. The hosts provide a hilarious dramatic reading of this iconic race between two of DC's most famous superheroes. Along the way, we hear about the unexpected involvement of Green Lantern and a Steven Seagal hot tub scene that's full of butter. The story may be convoluted, but it's an enjoyable ride as the hosts act and react to the absurdity. Don't miss this episode for a fun and entertaining listen.

#131: Castaway in Dimension Z (Vol.7) #3 (2013) Rick Remender / John Romita, Jr. / Klaus Janson

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Captain America Comic Book Fans
In Part 3 of the Captain America Comic Book Fans podcast, Rick and Bob delve into the latest volume of Cap's adventures, featuring his run-in with the villainous Arnim Zola in a dangerous alternate dimension. This installment explores the twists and turns that could change Steve's life forever. Fans of the series can connect with other fellow Cap enthusiasts on the Facebook group or Twitter page, and even support the podcast through donations. For those interested in leaving a recorded message or rating and reviewing the show, check out their website. Catch new episodes every second week of the month!

Comic Book Club: Curt Pires

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
Curt Pires, author of Image Comics' "Indigo Children," brings his creative vision to Comic Book Club's latest podcast episode. Pires discusses the origin story of the comic, which follows two siblings who learn they possess telekinetic powers. Pires and the hosts delve into the intricacies of the comic, including its nods to John Carpenter's "They Live." This episode is a must-listen for fans of "Indigo Children" and comic book enthusiasts alike.

Remembering San Diego Comic Con 2017… and getting X-Treme.

Date: 12 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast had a fantastic episode where the guest, Fabian Nicieza, spoke about his experiences writing for the New Warriors in the 1990s. His recount of being starstruck at a convention and carrying his poster holder around was hilarious. The big surprise came when he brought out original art featuring Captain Marvel, who he tells us is now Carol Danvers. Fans of Adam X may appreciate that he signed an entire stack of his comics - what a legend! It’s clear that Nicieza has a true passion for comic book writing and his stories are always memorable. A must-listen for any comic book fan.

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