Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Nerd News Update and Comic Book Pickups Galore!

Introduction: Welcome back fellow comic book enthusiasts to The Amazing Advocate! We are here to bring you a daily review of the best comic book podcast episodes out there, including the latest news, conversations, and opinions from the industry's best. In today's episode, we're reviewing Twoheaded Nerd's latest instalment, which is packed full of exciting news and discussions. Also, we'll take a closer look at Comic Book Yeti's review of Dai Chikamoto's new fantasy series, "The Witch and the Knight Will Survive." So, buckle up and get ready to dive deep into the world of comic books!

THN Nerd News Update: Star Wars Ahsoka Trailer, Blue Beetle & Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse First Looks, Plus More Fall of X News!

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: The Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast
The Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast's latest episode is a must-listen for all comic book fans. Hosts Joe and Matt passionately discuss the latest headlines in the industry, including the highly anticipated Star Wars Ahsoka trailer and a first look at Spiderman Across the Spiderverse. Their excitement is contagious, and they even break down some news on the upcoming Blue Beetle film. Don't miss out on this episode's enthusiastic nerd energy!

Thank God It’s Wednesday #178 New Comic Book Day Pickups 4/5/23!

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: The Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast
In the latest episode of the Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast, Patrick Back discusses his latest comic book pickups. The highlight of the episode is his review of Titan Comics' "The Light Brigade" and his interesting take on the current state of comic book collecting. The hosts also discuss the latest news in the comic book industry. As a fan of comics, this podcast is a must-listen for its insightful discussions and entertaining banter.


Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
In this episode of the Comic Book Yeti, the hosts review the first installment of Dai Chikamoto's new mature fantasy series, Son of the Landowner. The hosts rave about the rich black expansive landscape and war-wrought characters involved in this captivating plotline. The intensity of the action sequence is matched by the direness of the situation, making for an absolutely beautiful series. Added to this is Gonbe Shinkawa's iconic art style, well-known from his previous fantasy title, Wolf Never Sleep. Overall, this series is a must-read for fans of final fantasy-like plots and sprawling, new mature fantasy.

AC 455: The Unexpected X-Men

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Around Comics - Comic Books, TV, Movies & More
Around Comics' recent episode with Chris Sal Set and comic book artist Hilary Barta was supposed to focus on Fantastic Four Annual 6 but due to unforeseen circumstances, they ended up discussing their favorite TV shows. The pair indulged in fun, old-fashioned nerd talk that will please fans of comics and pop culture. While the original plan would have been great, this episode proved that sometimes a little off-topic discussion can be just as entertaining. Check out Around Comics on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, or their Patreon to support the show and stay up with the latest in comic books and pop culture.

Comic Picks of the Week: April 12, 2023

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: The Comic Book Spot
The latest episode of The Comic Book Spot highlights the top picks for upcoming new comic book day. This week, Image Comics is dominating almost half the list. One interesting pick is "Eight Billion Genie" from Charles Soule and Ryan Brown, where the world is granted one wish but there's still one last genie left on Earth. Another standout is "W0rldtr33," a new horror series from James Tynion IV and Fernando Blanco that explores the dangerous underbelly of the internet. Overall, a great episode for comic book fans looking for their next read.

Winter is Blooming • Game of Thrones #304 • “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Penny Bloom Podcast
The Penny Bloom Podcast's latest episode offers an in-depth scene-by-scene breakdown of Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4. Hosts, Colton and Jordan, review the episode with refreshing candor, analyzing the intricate web of character dynamics and advancements. Highlights: Jordan's hilarious Bananagrams story and Colton's insightful insight on the growth of Daenerys. A must-listen for any GOT fan looking for a deep dive into the show's past.

Ep.232 – Punisher War Journal No. 19 (1990)

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Darkseid's Couch
Darkseid's Couch dives into the Punisher War Journal issue 19 in this episode. Mike and James explore a unique aspect of Frank Castle's character- his fear of water. This never-before-referenced phobia adds depth to The Punisher's character and shows his vulnerability. The hosts also praise the issue's relentless pursuit and the way it tackles Frank's intense desire to rid the world of evil. The episode provides insightful commentary for fans of The Punisher and comic books in general.

Swamp Thing #131 (Folk Remedy)

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Planes, Trains and Comic Books
Planes, Trains and Comic Books never disappoints, and this week's episode is no exception. The host's encounter with a long-lost race of elfin beings leads to a dramatic new look at Swamp Thing. Unexpected confrontations and double assignments to protect home base make for a thrilling episode. Don't miss this one! Follow them on their social media and support them on Patreon for more captivating content. As a fellow comic book fan, I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a fun and informative listen.


Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Crusaders Podcast
In this episode of the Comic Crusaders Podcast, the team behind indie comic publisher Soaring Penguin Press joins host Al Mega to discuss what's next in the Soaring Penguin universe. John Anderson, Mark Stafford, and Martin Simpson offer fascinating insights into their creative processes and the challenges of indie publishing. I particularly enjoyed their discussion of how they use crowdfunding to bring their vision to life. As a comic book fan myself, I appreciated their candid and engaging conversation. Highly recommend this episode to anyone interested in indie comics and the publishing industry.

Best Disney Park Ride

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Great Pop Culture Debate Podcast
The Great Pop Culture Debate Podcast's latest episode was a must-listen for any Disney fan. Host Eric Rezsnyak and panelists Amy Pilott, Bob Erlenback, Derek Mekita, and Michael Schwarz debated what is the best ride currently operating in Disney theme parks around the globe. The panelists made compelling arguments, analyzing the rides based on their theming, technology, and overall guest experience. The episode is also interactive, as listeners can download the listener bracket and play along at home. For even more Disney content, check out their other episodes, such as the best Disney animated film and best Disney villain. Overall, a fun and engaging episode for Disney enthusiasts.

356 | The Cancel Haus

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Two Dimension | Comic Book Podcast
The latest episode of Two Dimension | Comic Book Podcast brought together a fascinating conversation about the comic book cancel culture, European cartoonists, and British television. Hosts Hroge and Cancel Haus had an engaging discussion with their guest, Moebius, on the impact of cancel culture on the comic book industry. They also delved into the works of European cartoonists and shared their favorite British television shows. One particularly interesting moment was when Moebius talked about his inspiration for his art and how he became a successful comic book writer. Overall, this was a thought-provoking and entertaining episode that every comic book fan should listen to.

2002 Pt. 5: Fantastic Four & Avengers

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
The Comic Book Herald podcast delves into the Fantastic Four and Avengers comic series, analyzing Grant Morrison's deconstruction of the Fantastic Four and the influential run by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo. They follow the Marvel reading order downloadable checklist and touch on the Hulk's "What If" style story. The host's incredible knowledge and passion for comics make for an entertaining and insightful discussion. Check out their downloadable reading checklist and subscribe for more comic book content. As a fellow comic book fan, this podcast is a must-listen.

Star Wars Celebration 2023 - Day 3: Villains Of The Sequel Trilogy, Star Wars In The Classroom, Shakespearean Acting, Signing & More!

Date: 09 Apr 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
In the latest episode of Comics In Motion, hosts Mike and Megan give a rundown of their experience on day 3 of Star Wars Celebration Europe. From attending panels on villains in the sequel trilogy to signing and cosplay courses, they give fun anecdotes and even go off on a tangent about an annoying neighbor in their London accommodation. They also mention exciting future panels and share their thoughts on the recently released Star Wars Classroom panel. Plus, they review episodes of Rebel Revealed and Star Wars Visions, and Mike delves into the comics continuity of the Duel franchise. This podcast is a must-listen for any Star Wars and comic book fan!

CBCC 90: Invincible & Atom Eve - Reboot?

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast
In the latest episode of the Comic Book Couples Counseling podcast, the hosts delve into the complicated and gut-wrenching relationship between Mark and Eve from Robert Kirkman's "Invincible." The halfway point in the series is reached and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, possibly even the fate of their romance. The hosts take a deep dive into this issue and provide expert counseling advice to help navigate these tumultuous times. If you're a fan of comics and podcasts, you don't want to miss this episode!

The Tubi Easter Extravaganza...with Lesbians!

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Cons
The Comic Cons podcast dives deep into the nostalgic world of Saturday morning cartoons and childhood favorites. The hosts, Nick and James, share their love for classics like Mono Motos Lair and Jesus Movie, while also discussing modern lesbian representation in media. The episode ends with a hilarious segment of listener emails that remind us of the sheer joy that comes from being a fan. Follow them on social media for more!

Back to the movies in issue 27 with Old Man Logan…

Date: 10 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast episode covers Logan, Guardian of the Galaxy 2, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman: Homecoming. They also discussed their favorite X-Men characters, including X-Women and men their characters have dated. Although the episode runs a bit long at an hour and 42 minutes, it is a great listen for any comic book fan. The hosts' disagreement on certain topics adds an enjoyable dynamic. Overall, this podcast is worth checking out for any comic book fan.

Matt Kund

Date: 09 Apr 2023
Source: Comics For The Apocalypse
Matt Kund, the creator and writer of MetalEagle, joins Comics For The Apocalypse to discuss his comic about an alien invasion apocalypse. Kund shares how he incorporates his love for music into his writing, using MetalEagle to pay homage to classic rock bands. The conversation also explores the impact of crowdfunding for independent comic creators. Overall, a fun and insightful episode for comic book enthusiasts. Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 512: Law & Order: Droid Investigation Unit

Date: 09 Apr 2023
Source: CSPN’s Comic Book Chronicles – The CSPN
The CSPN's Comic Book Chronicles is back with another exciting episode! Agent 70 and Roddykat give a spoiler-free recap of The Mandalorian and Star Trek: Picard. The team also dives deep into Spider-Man 7 and the Dominion War in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Scarlet Witch lends a hand in the MCU, but is flawed in issue 4 and ends the miniseries with an action-packed issue 6. Trailers for Marvel's Secret Invasion and DC's Blue Beetle, as well as news about Marvel's 'Fall X' event and a TMNT video game, will keep you on your toes. Overall, a great episode for comic book fans! Follow The Kliqnation on Twitter and like their Facebook page for more updates.

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