Thursday, March 23, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Superheroes, Couples, and Screams

Scream VI | FN #68

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: The F'N Nerds Podcast
The F'N Nerds Podcast's supersized episode delves deep into the latest news from the world of comic books, movies, and television. The hosts discuss the highly anticipated Scream 5 movie and its potential to revive the horror genre. They also review the latest DC superhero movie, Shazam Fury of the Gods, and share their thoughts on the 2022 Oscar nominations. The highlight of the episode is their hilarious banter and insightful analysis of the latest geeky news. Follow @fnnerdspodcast for more comic book goodness.

Comic Picks #389: Manifest Destiny

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Picks By The Glick
The latest episode of Comic Picks by The Glick is a must-listen for fans of historical adventure and horror genres. The podcast dives into the new comic series "Better Nate Than Ever," providing interesting insights and analysis. The hosts' witty banter keeps the conversation engaging, while their deep knowledge of the comic book world ensures a professional and informative discussion. Follow them on Instagram for more @comicpicksbytheglick. #comicbooks #podcasts #horror #adventure #review.

CBCC 89: Invincible & Atom Eve - Modern Family

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast
The Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast's recent episode on Invincible was a must-listen for fans of the series. Hosts Lisa and Brad dissected the complicated romantic relationship between Mark Grayson and Samantha Eve Wilkins, with special guest and Invincible co-creator Robert Kirkman joining in for a counseling session. The episode also dove into the latest issues of Invincible, including the shocking turn of events with Robot's tyranny and Mark and Eve's new family dynamic. With insights from Dr. Marc Brackett's book "Permission to Feel," this episode delved into the emotional journey of these characters and how it can parallel real-life relationships. Overall, an entertaining and thought-provoking episode for comic book and podcast fans alike. Follow @cbccpodcast on Instagram for more great content.

Rebellion's Bloom • The Mandalorian #304 • "The Foundling"

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Penny Bloom Podcast
The Penny Bloom Podcast keeps up its Mandalorian coverage with a discussion on season 3 episode 4. The hosts dive into the foundling story arc and the introduction of the bad batch. Stay tuned for the conclusion next week as they discuss the final three episodes. This podcast is perfect for any Mandalorian and Star Wars enthusiast. Don't miss it! #PennyBloomPodcast #MandalorianCoverage #ComicBookFan

 In today's episode of The Amazing Advocate, we explore the world of superheroes through the ears of three different podcasters. Comic Relief Podcast, Comic Book Yeti, and Major Spoilers Podcast take turns giving their unique take on the latest in superhero news, reviews, and commentary. This episode promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, laughter, and insight as we explore the fantastical world of superheroes. So buckle up and get ready for an adventure!

The 11th hour and the 11th episode…

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast's latest episode is an unscripted gem for comic book enthusiasts. Covering favorite and least favorite heroes and villains, the hosts jokingly explore various characters and give their opinions. With a few unexpected twists and turns, this episode is sure to leave you smiling. Check out @ComicReliefPodcast on Instagram for more.


Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Mark Russell's "Bad Volume Two #5" is a superhero satire that takes comic book storytelling to a new level. With fantastic art and colors by Bryce Ingman and Peter Krause respectively, the story reaches a climax as lizard people threaten to invade earth. The highest compliment I can give is that it left me wanting more. Get ready for the launch of an important new superhero universe. Check out Comic Book Yeti for an exclusive look at the first page of this fantastic new comic! #ComicBookYeti #MarkRussell #BadVolume2 #Superhero #Satire #ComicBook #ComicBookArt

Major Spoilers Podcast #1019: Superman Up In The Sky

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Major Spoilers Podcast – Major Spoilers
The Major Spoilers Podcast takes a look at Superman's legacy and the news that James Gunn will be directing a new Superman movie. But that's not all, they also review "Look to the Sky" a new graphic novel about the life of Superman creator Joe Shuster. Additionally, the podcast covers some comic book reviews including "Batpig: Go Pig or Go Home" and "Dial Book" from DC Comics. A must-listen for any comic book fan! @majorspoilers #podcastreview #comicbooks #superman #jamesgunn #graphicnovels #DCcomics

380: Bald Badness

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Zero Issues Comic Podcast
The Zero Issues Comic Podcast's "Bald Badness" episode is a hilarious and informative dive into the world of bald comic book characters. The hosts explore the significance of baldness in the villain/hero dynamic, as well as the physical power dynamics of being bald. The mention of Bald Bull from Punch-Out!! adds a fun video game twist to the discussion. Follow @zeroissuescomicpodcast on Instagram for more comic book insights.


Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Comic Book Yeti's podcast episode on Lucy Sullivan's Barking and Erika Price's Disorder is a must-listen for fans of graphic novels! The pair of comics actively manipulate and contort traditional structure to unsettle and engross readers in authentically horrific experiences. Barking tells a symbolic journey while Disorder explores mental health breakdowns and their consequences within a broken system. The use of monochromatic colors adds to the immediacy and power of the comics. These violently riotous works deconstruct both the mind and the body through their thematic subject matter and sequential construction.

Terminator: Sector War by Brian Wood and Jeff Stokley

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: The Reader Copy Podcast
In this episode of The Reader Copy Podcast, hosts Chris and Daniel talk about Terminator Sector War and a new HBO Batman spinoff focusing on Penguin. They also discuss Zack Snyder's cryptic messages and MCU rumors. The highlight is the interview with Brian Wood and Jeff Stokely about their new comic. Tune in for fun insights from true comic book fans! #TheReaderCopyPodcast #comicbookfans

James Gunn To Direct Superman Legacy | The Comic Multiverse Ep.298

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Multiverse
The Comic Multiverse's latest episode is jam-packed with updates on the latest comic book news. The highlight was James Gunn directing Superman, and the announcement of the Hellfire Gala taking place in June. Plus, details on the return of the Uncanny Avengers and Evil Captain Krakoa. David F. Sandberg's Mad trailer is also discussed, and we get details on the upcoming physical release of the DC Webtoon comics. Sweet Tooth season 2 is set to return in April - so exciting! Don't miss out on this geek-tastic episode! #TheComicMultiverse #ComicBookNews

Center Seat: Star Trek: Picard S3E1 "The Next Generation"

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast
The Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast's latest episode featured a geeky and fun conversation with special guest Darrell "Starfleet" Taylor, the showrunner of Taylor Network Podcasts. They discussed the first episode of Star Trek Picard Season 3 and dove into Darrell's love and history with Star Trek. The hosts received feedback from listeners through their social media platforms, giving the podcast a great interactive aspect. The theme music, "Saving the World" by Aaron Kenny, is a must-listen! Definitely check out Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast and follow them on Instagram at @longboxreview.

Welcome to the Resurrection: Gold Key Launches into the Modern Age

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Spec Tales: A Comic Book Podcast
Spec Tales: A Comic Book Podcast delivers another round of excellence with special guest Michael Conrad, co-writer of Wonder Woman and Batgirls. Host Lance Linderman brought his A-game and provided great breaking news about the Gold Key Kickstarter campaign. The exclusive bonus content on Patreon and private discord conversation make it worth the support, while the certified comic shop is a great sponsor. Listen, learn and enjoy. Follow them on Instagram: @spectalespodcast.

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods (Movie Review)

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Keepers
In the latest episode of Comic Book Keepers, Chris and Lance dive deep into the world of Shazam and Fury of the Gods in a fun and informative way. Their discussions cover everything from comics to board games and anime, making it a must-listen for any geek out there. The hosts also share their personal experiences with the franchise, which adds a relatable touch to the podcast. Overall, I highly recommend this episode to anyone who loves comics and everything geeky. Check out the Comic Book Keepers on Instagram at @cbkcast or their website linktree/cbkcast.

Episode 365 | Everything Is Shapes (LIVE on Twitch)

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: I Read Comic Books
The I Read Comic Books podcast recently recorded a live episode on Twitch with Mike, Brian and Danny discussing the future of digital comics and supporting Gabe Cheng's Kickstarter for a collected edition of "The Loneliest Book in the World". The team also dived into some exciting new releases including "American Dream" and "Superman Lost". One highlight was their pick for top of the pile: "Tomochan is a Girl!". The podcast closes with a shoutout to the band Infinity Shred and their music. As always, this podcast is great for comic book fans who want to stay up to date on the latest releases and industry news. Follow IRCB on Instagram at @ircbpodcast.

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #590: Cowabummer

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics
The Talking Comics podcast crew covers a lot this week: from CW's Gotham Knight and Shazam: Fury of the Gods, to book recommendations and comic reviews. They go deep into the recently announced Trans Rights Readathon and Marvel's latest offerings. One standout segment was their discussion of the latest Secret Invasion book and the return of Wildcat and Captain Marvel. Plus, they cover D.C.'s Harley Quinn, Batgirls, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. If you're a fan of comic books and podcasts, this is a must-listen! Follow them on Instagram at @talking_comics.

DESTINY OF X | The Krakoan Empire Divided

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
Comic Book Herald's podcast episode "The Future and Destiny of the X-Men" delves into the impact that writer Jonathan Hickman had on the franchise. His bold new status quo for the X-Men in House of X and Powers of X sparked something greater in 2019, but his departure in 2022 has left fans wondering what's next. The podcast offers insight into the upcoming Inferno event and how it will shape the next chapter of the X-Men's story. Comic book fans won't want to miss this discussion of the future of mutantkind. @comicbookherald #XMen #JonathanHickman #InfernoEvent

#384 - Comic Coloring, Marvel Zombies, and More! Interviews with Laura Martin & Arthur Suydam (Live from Collective Con 2023)

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: The Short Box: A Comic Book Talk Show
The Short Box podcast features two interviews in one episode. The first interview is with Laura Martin, a talented colorist for comic books. She discusses the importance of the role of colorists in comics and offers advice to aspiring colorists. The second interview is with Arthur Suydam, who shares his journey from launching the Marvel Zombies comic book series to his walking dead stardom. He also gives advice to aspiring comic book artists. Bonus episodes and special rewards are available by joining their Patreon community. Use discount code "yoo" to save 10% when shopping online at Gotham City Limit. This podcast is a must-listen for comic book fans! Follow them on Instagram at @theshortboxjax.

WCPEver Episode 456 - Three Men and a Little Loofah

Date: 22 Mar 2023
The Worst. Comic. Podcast. Ever! have done it again with their latest episode! The live show from Planet Comicon featured discussions on fundraising for Hero Initiative, which was a huge success, and some nerdy rum springa talk. The hosts always give us their top picks of the week, this episode being sponsored by Clint's Comics. I loved hearing about their thoughts on the panel they saw and what they bought from the convention floor. Be sure to check out Clint's Comics for all your comic book needs! This podcast knows how to keep it fun and geeky while still being professional. @worstcomicpodcastever #comics #podcast.

Fortress of Comic News Ep. 309 feat. Timothy Fling

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Fortress of Comic News
In the latest episode of Fortress of Comic News, hosts Chris and Mike discuss the premiere date for Sweet Tooth season 2 and the return of Uncanny Avenger. They also chat with Timothy Fling about his new comic "Cryptid" which is launching on Kickstarter this month. The hosts also review a variety of comics, including "Forged #1" and "Hate Fairyland #5". Don't forget to check out their merchandise on Teepublic and join their Facebook group to discuss your favorite comic content. Excelsior! #fortressofcomicnews #comicbooks #podcast


Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: The Comics Collective | Comic Book Podcast
The Comics Collective asks the question, "Can you improve upon a masterpiece like Watchmen?" In episode 56, hosts Lexi Anne Dallas and Jacob Stephens tackle Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's iconic graphic novel to discuss the HBO adaptation and whether it does justice to the source material. They delve into themes of political corruption and superhero morality, pondering the relevance of Watchmen in today's society. Overall, a thoughtful and entertaining discussion for any comic book fan. Find them on Instagram @thecomicscollective. #watchmen #comics #podcast

Episode 150: Brown cosmic horror featuring Nadia Shammas

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Bitches on Comics
The 150th episode of Bitches on Comics celebrates its first 100 nonbinary episodes with guest host Craig Hale and special guest Nadia Shammas. The dynamic trio delve into the creative process behind Nadia's new graphic novel "Black Star Rise," including the importance of visual mediums and mental health representation. They also discuss the impact of militarism and empire on creative work and engage in a fascinating discussion about flipping Lovecraftian tropes head over heels. Follow @nadiashammas on Instagram, join the Patreon community and check out their new narrative horror podcast on Decoded Horror Channel. This episode is a must-listen for all comic book fans! #bitchesoncomics #podcastlove #blackstarrise #queerspec

181: Let's Review Spider-Punk: Banned in DC!

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Wednesday Pull List
Episode 182 of Wednesday Pull List examines the banned DC character, Spiderpunk, and delves into the chaos he creates in the Spiderverse. The crew of the community center where he resides must band together to protect their home base, all while facing the looming threat of Norman Osborn. The episode is full of action and suspense, and the addition of Daredevil and the Shadow Kingpin make for an arachnid adventure like you've never seen. The podcast also invites listeners to join their Discord and support their Patreon page. Don't miss out on this exciting episode! #WednesdayPullList #Spiderpunk #Spiderverse #comics.

Episode 143 - Formerly Known as the Justice League

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Crusade
The Comic Crusade's latest episode dives into the history and impact of JLI, one of the most beloved superhero teams of the 80s and 90s. Hosts Alex and Jake bring their A-game with insightful analysis and hilarious banter throughout the episode. Their guest, Ryan from Back Bay Bay Podcast, adds an extra layer of knowledge and humor that makes this episode a must-listen for any comic book fan. @thecomiccrusade #JLI #comics #podcast

#128: Cap #385-386 vs Watchdogs! USAgent (1991) Mark Gruenwald / Ron Lim

Date: 22 Mar 2023
Source: Captain America Comic Book Fans
Captain America Comic Book Fans' latest episode review from 1991 is a must-listen for fans of the classic storyline. The hosts review Steve's first encounter with USAgent and his close friend turning bad, plus Bernie trying to rekindle an old romance. The dynamic duo of Rick and Bob keep things engaging and fun, especially when they connect over their love for the series blindfolded. If you're a fan of the show, you can help support it by donating or leaving a message for the hosts. Don't miss out on this exciting episode! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@capcomicfans).

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