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Musicals, Falling, and Indigo Children: A Review of the Latest Comic Book Podcasta\s

 Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, your daily review of the latest comic book podcast episodes from around the world. Today, we're excited to bring you our latest review of some of the most intriguing comic book podcasts available. From Higher Ground Musical, a new four-part graphic novel series, to Supergirl Radio Rewind's "Falling" episode, and a "Colorful Conversation with Curt Pires about Indigo Children," there's something for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and explore the aural world of comic book podcasts.


Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
"Higher Ground Musical Vol. 1" is an exciting new 4-part graphic novel series featuring a six-song tracklist embedded with a QR code within each page. Set against the backdrop of climate change, the urgent story explores the intimate relationship between a multiracial and multigenerational group struggling to survive in a neighborhood in the last colony standing after a global warming superstorm. Acclaimed NYC songwriter/composer Peter Galperin and LA-based writer Gregg Ostrin have created a unique Broadway musical-turned-comic with art and lettering by Patrick Barrett. QR codes within the pages bring the music to life as readers follow the characters on a quest to find higher ground. This comic is an incredibly impactful way to raise awareness of the human impact on our planet and the effect of climate change. Find out more at and use #HigherGroundMusical to join the conversation on Instagram.

Supergirl Radio Rewind – Falling

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Supergirl Radio
Supergirl Radio's episode "Falling" from season 1 was worth revisiting. Rebecca Johnson joined the hosts to discuss the Regency-era guide to modern life, 1800s advice for 21st century love, and the fun Melissa Benoist brought to the show. The hosts also geeked out over Tom Cruise's potential role in The Flash and loved the casting of Michael Cudlitz as Lex Luthor in Superman & Lois. Follow Supergirl Radio on social media and their podcast platforms for more superhero goodness. #SupergirlRadio #PodcastReview

Colorful Conversation with CURT PIRES about "Indigo Children"

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Curt Pires is back on Comic Book Yeti's podcast and he's talking about his newest comic, Indigo Child from Image Comics. Pires discusses his inspiration for the comic and how he wanted to create something entirely new instead of using traditional terminology like X-Men. He takes a unique approach to the concept of indigo children and ties in elements of reincarnation and extraterrestrial involvement. This narrative is an exciting new frontier for comics and storytelling. #ComicBookYeti #IndigoChild #CurtPires #ImageComics #PodcastReview

TALES FROM NOTTINGHAM #1 Gets a Second Printing!

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
In Comic Book Yeti's latest episode, they review the exciting new comic, Tale of Nottingham #1. Hosts Shane Connerly Volk and David Hazan explore the untold story of Nottingham's legendary characters, including Robin Hood and Friar Tuck, and introduce a new character, Aya Hashashin. This explosive issue one sets the stage for an epic adventure that no fan should miss. Stay tuned for the upcoming Nottingham Vol. 3 Anthology, featuring new talent like Magdalene Visaggio. Follow @cb_yeti on Instagram for more comic book content.

Zeb Cook Interview – Dave Loves The Horde, Oriental Adventures, Ninjas Through Wallsm The Oracle, What is Evil, Assassins, Elder Scrolls Online, City of Villians!

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Signal of Doom: A Comic Book Podcast
Signal of Doom: A Comic Book Podcast had a fantastic discussion with Zeb Cook! It was a fun one, thanks to Zeb. This week's trade was ABC Warrior Mek-File Vol. 1. Every single dollar helps, so please support Signal of Doom on Patreon. Follow them on Twitter @signalofdoom. Dredd dead or Dredd Legion Outpost? Tune in to find out! #signalofdoom #comicbookpodcast #patreon

“Sins of Sinister” Part 6: Immoral X-Men #2—in Review!

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
In episode 4 of "Four-Letter Words," Kieron Gillen and Andrea Di Vito bring us closer to the end of the Hundred-Year Sinister Era. The Quiet Council prepares for war as the neighboring empire edges towards Pax Britannica. Father Xilo's Cable mission is mentioned, and fans wonder if he killed Mystique. This podcast features exciting new chimeras that upstage Sinister's creations, including the L-Bomb and the Chimeric Planetbuster. Fans of comic books and podcasts will delight in this episode's fast-paced action and intriguing plot twists. Follow @comicbookherald for more comic book and podcast reviews.

Special guest Caitlin McGurk (The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum)

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Lab
This week's Comic Lab features an interview with Caitlin McGurk, the curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. McGurk gives fascinating insights into the world of comic and cartoon art. The hosts also give an update on their comic projects and offer helpful tips for book printing. The episode includes discussions on Twitter 2FA, Reddit's IPO, and the new YouTube CEO. Fans of the show can get exclusive protips and join the ComicLab community on Patreon. This episode is a must-listen for comic book enthusiasts. @comiclabpodcast

COMIC TALK TODAY COMIC TALK HEADLINES FOR MAR 22nd, 2023 | Follow the Star Wars Baloon

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Talk Today
The latest episode of Comic Talk Today is loaded with geeky goodness. From Star Wars to The Orville, and everything in between, this podcast has got it covered. Highlights include news of a confirmed season 3 of The Orville, the announcement of a Willow TV series, and a trailer for Sweet Tooth season 2. Hosts Chris and Martin keep the discussion light and entertaining, making it a must-listen for any comic book fan. Follow them on Instagram @comictalktoday.

Indie Comics Spotlight: Creator Corner: Bea Wolf

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
Comics In Motion's latest episode features a modern retelling of Beowulf in graphic novel form. The story follows a group of troublemaking kids defending their treehouse from boring, fun-hating adults. The illustrations by Boulet bring the tale to life as the gang clashes with a nefarious neighbor, Grindle. The story is witty and fun, and the warrior Mallowmunchers provides a welcome break from the monotony of adult life. The book is a must-buy for anyone who loves comics and graphic novels. Send a message to Comics In Motion to get your copy today! @comicsinmotionpodcast #comicbooklove #beowulfretelling #modernmiddlegrade #graphicnovels".

1892 - March 2023 Previews

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Geek Speak Podcast - The Best Comic Book Podcast
The @comicgeekspeakpodcast showcased a ton of great comics in their latest episode. Ian Murd's Iron Man talk and a solid three-hour preview of upcoming issues will keep you hooked. Stay tuned for Marvel's Chris joining midway back in the book preview round. They highlight book releases set for May 2023, including Waid's Shazam and Mackay's Avenger. DC Connect 34 preview features and much more. Don't forget to check out their pick for the Free Comic Book Day! #comicgeekspeak #comicbooks #podcastreview

Top 3 Comic Books of the Week | March 22nd NCBD | Best Comic Book Recommendations | Comic Reviews

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Lost'n Comics
Lost'n Comics podcast episode focuses on the top three comic reads of the week, with a heavy emphasis on DC. The hosts claim to have found the top three picks, which was interesting to hear their rationale for each selection. They also discussed their NCBD haul and gave interesting comic book reviews. It's a fun and informative podcast for comic book fans. Instagram Handle: @lostncomics.

#698 New Comic Book Reviews: Superman Lost, X-O Manowar, Star Trek Defiant & MORE!

Date: 24 Mar 2023
Source: The Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast
The Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast is a must-listen for comic book lovers. In the latest episode, Joe and Matt discuss forgetful Superman, ghost moms, and Klingon parenting. Their rating scale of "buy it" or "skim it" is always helpful. The highlight was a review of Superman Lost, XO Manowar, and Star Trek Defiant. Follow them on Instagram @twoheadednerd.

Who’s the Bossk? – Episode 146: The Fantabulous Vindication of One Jar Jar Binks with Joseph Shirley and Mike Mack

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Who's the Bossk?
In this latest episode of Who's the Bossk?, host Mike Celestino and guest Mike Mack discuss the recent controversy surrounding Jar Jar Binks and his potential redemption in the Star Wars universe. The conversation is incredibly insightful, with both Mikes providing thoughtful analysis and great points on this hotly debated topic. One highlight was their discussion on the impact of the prequels on the franchise as a whole. Definitely a must-listen for Star Wars fans! (@whosthebosskpodcast) #StarWars #JarJarBinks #Who'sTheBossk #podcastreview

The Classics: "Stray Bullets" by David Lapham

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: History of Comic Books Podcast
The History of Comic Books podcast episode about "Stray Bullets" by David Lapham was a fantastic dive into a classic crime series that's been publishing since 1995. Hosted by Alexis Howe, the episode discusses how Lapham's work has influenced the genre and how he masterfully blends mundane settings with bursts of violence. The episode also featured an insightful interview with Lapham himself, giving listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this iconic series. Overall, a must-listen for any comic book or crime fiction fan. @historyofcomicbookspod

Special Sized 12th issue was with Neal Adams.

Date: 23 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast pays tribute to Neal Adam, a legend in the industry who has significantly contributed to Batman comics. In this episode, Adam shares his experiences with fans, answering their questions in recorded conversations. It's inspiring to hear how he rose to be one of the biggest artist/writer in comic books. It's sad to know that he passed away on April 29th, 2022, but his work, his impact, and his legacy will always be remembered. Rest in peace, Neal. (Instagram handle: @comicreliefpod)

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