Monday, March 13, 2023

From Bad Batch to Picard to Ninja Turtles

Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, your daily review source of the latest comic book podcast episodes that will keep you up-to-date with the latest news, reviews and previewing of upcoming releases. In this week's episode of Comic Book Chronicle, the hosts discuss the latest Star Wars: Mandalorian, Bad Batch, and Star Trek: Picard offerings in spoiler-free impressions and commentary. They also reviewed several comic books, including Amazing Spiderman #21 and Fantastic Four #5. Moreover, they touch upon recent news in the comic book world such as DC's new book as part of their dawn initiative, and Nicolas Cage's reluctance to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This episode dives into the nostalgic appeal of classic comic book characters while also highlighting the ever-evolving nature of the medium.

Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 508: Broo, Bro!

Date: 12 Mar 2023
Source: CSPN’s Comic Book Chronicles – The CSPN
The CSPN's Comic Book Chronicles podcast is back with another episode discussing the latest comic book releases, TV shows and movies. This week, the hosts give spoiler-free impressions of the latest episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Star Trek: Picard. They also review titles such as Amazing Spider-Man #21, Fantastic Four #5, and Black Panther #15, along with other comic book releases. In addition, the hosts cover news on a new animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and DC Comics' new book as part of their "Dawn of DC" initiative. Don't miss out on the Kliq of the Week and make sure to follow the Kliq Nation on Twitter, CBChron on Facebook, and subscribe on Twitch, Google Play, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Darkland and the Macroverse

Date: 12 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Cons
Comic Cons highlights the new web3 startup, Macroverse, which is a community-driven entertainment story platform focused on comics. The co-founders, Nick and Adam, share their love for Robocop and robot tit laser in this podcast episode. Fans can check out the digital comic app Macroverse on both Apple and Android devices. To stay updated, listeners can follow Comic Cons on Twitter and Instagram or email them at

Top 3 Comic Books of the Week | March 8th NCBD | Best Comic Book Recommendations | Comic Reviews

Date: 12 Mar 2023
Source: Lost'n Comics
Lost'n Comics, a podcasting site, offers a variety of comic book content for fans to enjoy. Their latest episode featured a discussion on the top three superhero comics of the week. In addition to this, the site also provides a discount code for fans to use when purchasing comic books. Lost'n Comics can be found on various social media platforms through their link tree. This podcast is also sponsored by Anchor, which is the easiest way to make a podcast. Fans can support Lost'n Comics by visiting their Anchor page.

#302: RIP Tom Sizemore, The Action Was the Juice, Forgotten Realms Comics, Marvel Fails with their Pandering, Punisher is BACK, Kids Love Harry Potter!

Date: 11 Mar 2023
Source: Signal of Doom: A Comic Book Podcast
Signal of Doom: A Comic Book Podcast is a must-listen for all comic book enthusiasts. In their latest episode, hosts Dave and Rich cover a range of topics, including Action Comics #1, Juice #1, and the Tom Sizemore trade. They also discuss "forgotten realms" of comic book lore with special guest Jeff Grubb. The show ends with a review of the Rag Morales' artwork. Listeners are encouraged to support the show on Patreon and follow them on Twitter for more content. Tune in to Signal of Doom for all things comic book-related.

Ed Greenwood Interview: Forgotten Realms, Red Wizards of Thay, Ath Cliath, Zhentil Keep, Wizards Three, Firearms in the Realms, Julian May, Roger Zelazny, the SpellDoom Mystery!

Date: 12 Mar 2023
Source: Signal of Doom: A Comic Book Podcast
Signal of Doom is a comic book podcast that covers various topics about the comic book industry and culture. In a recent episode, they had the honor of having Ed Greenwood, the creator of Forgotten Realms, as a guest. They discussed various topics, and the show highly appreciates Ed's time. The podcast has a Patreon account with many benefits, including access to bonus episodes, and every dollar helps support the show. They also have a Twitter handle - @Signalofdoom - and you can follow them for updates.

The Dark Knight Trilogy 15 Years Later: Film & Comic Influences!

Date: 11 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
The website Comic Book Herald recently published an article discussing the impact of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy on both the superhero genre and the landscape of big-budget Hollywood filmmaking. The article notes that Nolan's grounded approach to superhero films, which was influenced by the realism of comic books, has informed every franchise since. To fully appreciate the work's influence, it's important to look back at the marriage of two mediums: comic books and film. Nolan's trilogy revitalized the Batman film franchise after the disastrous Batman & Robin in 1997, and David Goyer provided the insight needed to maintain faithfulness to the character's comic book mythos.

Dragon Ball Video Games | The Issue Crew

Date: 11 Mar 2023
Source: The Issue Crew
The Issue Crew podcast recently celebrated the announcement of Budokai Tenkaichi 4, discussing the history and sharing opinions on the video game based on the Dragon Ball franchise. Listeners can leave voicemail or written messages to the crew or catch up on past episodes of the show. The podcast is hosted by Riely, Andrew, and Moe, and edited by Jeleeoo. Comic book fans can join the conversation on YouTube or in the podcast's Discord channel.

SWCIC: Hidden Empire 2: The Fermata Cage Activates! Plus Sana Fights Domina Tagge & Valance Discovers The Truth (HE2, DA28 & BH30) – Ep 122 Star Wars Comics In Canon

Date: 11 Mar 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
Comics In Motion has released episode 122 of their podcast, focusing on the Crimson Dawn's downfall in the final chapter of the Qi’ra Trilogy, as well as a crossover between bounty hunters and Doctor Aphra. In the Hidden Empire 2 comic, archivists and Kho Phon Farrus reactivate Fermata Cage. Meanwhile, Sana Starros and her crew attempt to kill Domina Tagge's nephew Ronen Tr'Onga. The podcast also discusses several upcoming comic releases, including issues of Hidden Empire, Doctor Aphra, and Bounty Hunter. Fans can listen to the podcast on their website or watch the video version on YouTube. Last week's episode also featured a spoiler-free review of the comic Force Collector.


Date: 11 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Talk Today
Comic Talk Today is a podcasting site that covers a variety of news and rumors related to comic book culture. In their latest episode, they discuss topics ranging from Batman's new streaming home to a rumored Avengers plotline. They also address the latest developments in the Ninja Turtle '90s comic franchise. Fans of the site can join in on live discussions every Friday on YouTube's 'generallynerdy' channel. Listeners can also show support by leaving an Apple Podcasts review and visiting the site's merch store.

OAPS #182 - Issue 16 Release!

Date: 11 Mar 2023
Source: On the Air with Powers Squared
On the Air with Powers Squared is a podcast that covers all things related to the comic book series, Power Squared. Hosted by Paul David, the podcast invites comic book fans to dive deeper into the narrative and explore the themes and characters from the series. In their 16th issue, the podcast welcomes Rachel Well, Julia Canon, Trevor Hankins, and Paul David to discuss the Mocha Raven storyline coming in March 15th. The episode also features music from Andre Jetson's "Bipolar" original mix. Tune in to explore the incredible world of Powers Squared!

ESTHER'S NOTEBOOKS ...your guide to kids, parenting, and french hip hop

Date: 11 Mar 2023
Source: Quarantined Comics
Quarantined Comics recently featured a podcast episode discussing the critically acclaimed cartoon series, "The Esther Notebook." The series is an autobiographical work by French-Syrian cartoonist, Riad Sattouf, that chronicles the life of a young girl growing up in Paris. Based on conversations with an outgoing and articulate young girl named Esther, Sattouf provides a delightful and thoughtful look at the daily drama of a high-spirited girl as she navigates life from ages 9 to 12. The ongoing series spans 156 comic strips and covers everything from her love for French hip hop to her annoyance with her big brother. Through Esther's story, Sattouf offers a glimpse into the life of an average young girl without a particular background or special backstory, making for an amusing and often touching read.

The Mandalorian: Season 3 | FN #68

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: The F'N Nerds Podcast
The F'N Nerds Podcast is a comic book and pop culture podcast that covers a variety of topics such as movie reviews, comic book news, and television show discussions. In their latest episode, they discuss the exciting new trailer for TMNT: Mutant Mayhem, Marvel's concern over Ant-Man's box office performance, their thoughts on Creed 3 (spoiler-free), and the return of The Mandalorian. They even have Freddie Prinze Jr. dropping a Star Wars bomb, claiming that the most powerful scene in the Star Wars franchise has yet to come. Show your support for the podcast by going to

Thirsty on Toon #22: The Mismatched Bento Box of Gender

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics
If you're looking for a new podcast to add to your listening queue, check out Thirsty Toon, a mature-rated comic book podcast co-created by Bronwyn Kellyseigh and Chris Ceary, who are co-hosts of the Talking Comics family of podcasts. On Thirsty Toon, the two offer a fun and irreverent take on all things comic book-related, discussing topics like character emotional baggage, Joker tropes, and space operas, among others. You can find Thirsty Toon on Twitter @ThirstyOnToon, so be sure to give it a listen if you're a fan of comic books and enjoy a good laugh.

Comic Creator Interview - Mike Deodato Jr.

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Squares
The latest episode of Comic Book Squares features comic book artist Mike Deodato Jr. The podcast focuses on his extensive career, including his work on Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and AWA. Deodato's newest series, "Red Zone," has received rave reviews since its March 1st release. In the podcast, Deodato discusses the difference between working on corporate-owned and creator-owned comics. The official description of "Red Zone" follows an American professor on a mission to Russia with a particular set of skills. Comic Book Squares is available on all major podcasting platforms and listeners are encouraged to donate to the Comic Book Script Contest.

Sins of Sinister: Nightcrawlers, X-Men #20, New Mutants: Lethal Legion #1 | Comic Book Herald Live!

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: Best Comics Ever
Best Comics Ever has just released their latest episode, which is a weekly livestream focused on discussing the latest comic book releases from Marvel Comics. The hosts dive into their review of the week's X-Men comic and answer the big question of what's going on in Marvel's Merry Mutant universe. The episode also covers Sinister talking to the rest of the X-Men, and what's interesting in this week's Scarlet Witch, New Mutant Lethal Legion, and X-Men #20. If you're a comic book enthusiast looking for insightful discussions on the latest releases, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Al chats with Senar Koraltan – Comic Crusaders Podcast #272

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Crusaders Podcast
The latest episode of the Comic Crusaders Podcast features an interview with Senar Koraltan, the senior producer for the Lego Group and a comic book creator. Among the topics discussed, Koraltan talks about his journey creating the new book "Speed Switch" and the accompanying game. For more information on "Speed Switch," visit their website and follow them on social media. The episode also includes updates on the Unlimited series and a visit to the official Comic Crusader comic book shop. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to the podcast on YouTube and Twitch, and check out the official Comic Crusader swag shop. The podcast is edited, produced, and directed by Al Mega.

Robservations The Robtopsy - X-Men: The Savage Lands!

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: Robservations with Rob Liefeld
In an episode of Robservations with Rob Liefeld, the focus is on one of the greatest runs in comic book history: the X-Men's fight to survive Magneto and later Danger in the Savage Land. The team's achievements during this period set the stage for what remains a favorite among both casual fans and diehards. Rob delves into the milestone, examining the storied creative team responsible for the period's multiple historical achievements.

Rundown Reviews #57 - Blade 1998

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Rundown
Hey comic book fans! Have you checked out the Comic Book Rundown podcast yet? The latest episode is a rundown review of the 1998 film 'Blade,' which kicked off the superhero movie craze. Hosted by Joe Janero, Ron Hanes, and Charlie Shaw, the podcast jumps back in time to discuss the beginning of this film genre. Follow them on Twitter @comicrundown, on Instagram @comicbookrundown, or email at for more. The theme song, provided by member Sex Turtle Cam Malidor, sets the perfect tone. Get your Comic Book Rundown t-shirts at Redbubble and Teepublic. Don't miss out!

DC Spotlight March 7, 2023

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Source Podcast
The Comic Source Podcast offers a detailed review of the latest comic book releases, including both DC and Marvel titles as well as independent comics. In their latest episode, host Jace discusses the impressive debut of Adventures of Superman and the satisfying conclusion to Monkey Prince, along with his thoughts on the newest issue of Batman and the Joker: The Deadly Duo. If you're a fan of comic book culture, tune in to learn more about the latest books hitting the market.

Fortress of Comic News Ep. 307.1 feat. Judah Radd

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: Fortress of Comic News
Fortress of Comic News is a podcasting site that features weekly episodes hosted by Guy and Judah Radd, a former co-host of Freaking Love Comics. The show covers a range of comic book related topics such as publishing, studio troubles, and even features interviews with combat veterans in the comic book industry. Among other things, the podcast also touches on comic book culture, reviews, and industry news. Listeners can support the show by joining the Facebook group or purchasing Fortress of Comic merchandise from the link provided. The site also features a Kickstarter campaign for Trouble Studios' first comic, Charon 13, which fans can support using the Amazon Associate link provided on the site.

Dummies Guide to Geekdom: D&D 5

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
The Comics In Motion podcast discusses all things related to comic books and their culture. In their latest episode, they continue their miniseries on Dungeon Dragons with guest Maff, exploring character alignment and equipment options. Next week, they plan to dive into combat strategies. Listen to Maff's insights on Twitter, and visit their website to send suggestions or questions. You can also send a voice message via the Comics In Motion Podcast.

#401- March 12th's PULL-LIST PRIORITIES!

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: #400- Cheers To Comics! Podcast
The Cheers To Comics! Podcast is a comic book podcasting site that offers listeners a weekly discussion of new comic releases, as well as analysis and critique of the industry as a whole. Brian Wayne leads the podcast and in this week's episode he talks about the new comics that have been added on March 12th and encourages listeners to use the code "podcast" at to save 10% at checkout. The site is affiliated with The Apodalypse Geek Colective, Age Radio Podcast Network and Nerds4Ever. Listeners have the opportunity to book advertising space by contacting The intro and outro music is composed by Grady Lewis.

The Classics: "Spider-Man: The Death of the Stacys"

Date: 10 Mar 2023
Source: History of Comic Books Podcast
The History of Comic Books Podcast recently discussed the tragic event of Gwen Stacy's death in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #121-122. The podcast delves into the impact of this event in Peter Parker/Spider-Man's life, sparking different story arcs throughout various comic book series. The hosts provide a brief review of the story, analyzing the characters and the creative team behind it, making it a worthwhile listen for comic book fans interested in Spider-Man's history.

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