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Comic Book Podcast Reviews: Interviews with Wes Craig and Robert Kirkman

 Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, your go-to blog for daily reviews of the best comic book podcast episodes out there. Today, we want to highlight two intriguing interviews with two legendary comic book creators, Wes Craig and Robert Kirkman. In the first interview from Comic Book Yeti 1 Podcast, Wes Craig discusses his creative process, character design, and upcoming comic book series, Bukimi Miki. In the second interview from Comic Book Couple Counseling Podcast, Robert Kirkman talks about the success of his Invincible comic book series, providing narrative freedom, and engaging romantic storylines. With so much to unpack, let's dive in and see what these two creators have to offer. 


Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Comic Book Yeti contributor Alex Breen attended C2E2 and spoke with artist and writer Wes Craig about his work on "Deadly Class" and his upcoming series "Kaya." During the interview, Wes shared insights into his creative process and discussed his love for comics, which started when he was a young child copying his older brother's comics. Wes also teased a new comic book project coming in 2023.


Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
In this article from Comic Book Yeti, the focus is on a new high school dramedy comic series called "Mangaka Bukimi," published by Yen Press. The story follows the world's shyest superhero, Teru Momijiyama, who must find the strength within herself to fight against an otherworldly invasion. As an introverted teenager, Teru struggles with the mounting pressure and responsibility of being Japan's representative hero, leading to a spiral of doubt and depression. Together with her fellow superheroes, Teru must learn to combat a terrifying new threat and overcome her shyness, finding the courage to stand and protect the things she loves. Overall, "Mangaka Bukimi" presents a brilliant concept that will appeal to fans of both superhero stories and high school dramas.

Robert Kirkman Programs Our Invincible Podcast

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast
The Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast features an in-depth discussion about the romantic relationship between Mark Grayson and Atom Eve, the main characters from the popular comic book series, Invincible, created by Robert Kirkman. The podcast features four counseling sessions with Kirkman, who provides insight into the development of the characters and the melodramatic tension that kept fans on the edge of their seats. In addition to the Invincible discussion, the podcast also covers the recent Emerald City Comic Con and features a review of the event by a first-time attendee. Overall, the podcast offers an engaging and informative conversation for fans of comic books and comic book culture.

Scream 6: Subverting Expectations

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: For Comic Junkies
For Comic Junkies covered the return of TJ Gotham Outsider, a podcast that focuses on comic book and horror culture. The recent episode featured a discussion on Scream 6 and how it relates to the fandom, with potential spoilers ahead. The show is sponsored by Anchor, which provides an easy way to make your own podcast. The podcast promises to keep comic book fans coming back for more spooky discussion.

My Marvelous Interview: Paul Jenkins on Wolverine Origin, Inhumans, Spectacular Spider-Man, & More!

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
Marvelous Year podcast, hosted by Comic Book Herald, offers a comprehensive guide for reading and understanding Marvel comics. The podcast covers various aspects of Marvel, including interviews with renowned writers like Paul Jenkins and analysis of popular characters such as Daredevil and Wolverine. The podcast also provides a downloadable checklist for readers to keep track of their comics reading journey. Listeners can support the podcast through Patreon and can subscribe to the show on iTunes or Google Play.

That Comic Smell Episode 108 - Alan Grant

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: That Comic Smell
This article highlights the comic book podcast, That Comic Smell. Fans can listen to the podcast on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. The podcast is hosted by a group of comic book enthusiasts who share their thoughts and opinions on various aspects of comic book culture. The website also offers issues 1 and 2 of their comics for purchase. The article also mentions the passing of a well-respected comic book creator, Alan Grant. Fans are encouraged to check out the podcast and support the hosts by liking, sharing, subscribing, and leaving reviews.

Al chats with Matt Blair – Comic Crusaders Podcast #273

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Crusaders Podcast
The Comic Crusaders Podcast recently featured a chat with comic book writer/creator Matt Blair about his latest project, a Romani Magicae prequel comic currently on Kickstarter. In the episode, host Al Mega dives into the "Blairverse" and how it connects to previous works. Fans can visit the official Comic Crusader shop and website, as well as pick up exclusive merchandise from the Undercover Cape Podcast Network on redbubble.com. The Comic Crusaders Podcast is available on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms. Check out the Kickstarter and support the project!

Will Marvel Kill Mary Jane? + Dan Slott Creates New Marvel Superhero!

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Weekly
Comic Book Weekly reports on the latest comic book news and culture, including a discussion of the impact of Mary Jane's shocking death in The Amazing Spider-Man and Dan Slott's creation of a new superhero for Marvel Comics. The podcast also evaluates the impact of recent changes in the Marvel Universe and introduces the new creative team for The Guardians of the Galaxy and TMNT Mutant Mayhem trailer. In addition, the hosts discuss Sharon Carter's transformation into the new Destroyer and Brian Michael Bendis' new autobiographical comic. Finally, the podcast presents the top 5 most anticipated books and invites listeners to leave a 5-star review on iTunes to be featured on the show. Comic Book Weekly streams live every Tuesday on YouTube, and fans can follow the show on social media and on their website, comicfrontline.com.

Episode 180: Let Me Out

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Comadres y Comics Podcast
The Comadres y Comics Podcast is a site dedicated to discussing all things related to comic books and comic book culture. In their latest episode, they encourage readers to rate and review their podcast on various platforms, and offer updates on current news such as Frank Grillo joining the DC Universe, the radar for Mandalorian season 3, and Pedro Pascal's upcoming projects. They also review "Let Emmett Nahil Illustrated" by George Williams, "Emnays Neatodon En La Libreria" by Crow, and "Vengeful Light" by Black Woman Sequence. In addition, they highlight the work of Black comic artist Deborah Elizabeth Whaley and promote her webtoon series "Challengerollout."

Ep 291 Creed III movie review...The GOAT anime movie?

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Bullies
Comic Book Bullies, a podcasting site, reviews comic books and provides commentary on comic book culture. In their recent episodes, they reviewed the movies Creed III and The Mandalorian Chapter 18. They also reviewed comic books such as X-23: Deadly Regenesis #2023, Adventure Superman Jon Kent #2023, Predator #2023, X-Men #2021, Batman & Joker: Deadly Duo #2022, and Amazing Spider-Man #2022. They welcome listeners to like, share, and subscribe to their audio link provided in https://linktr.ee/cbbpodcast.

Matt & Steve In The Evening With A Kettle

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: COMIC TALK616
Comic Talk616 is a comic book podcasting site that specializes in bringing the latest and nerdiest news in the comic book industry to its listeners. Its hosts, who are clearly comic book fans themselves, offer engaging discussions on the latest comic book issues, events, and pop culture related to comic books. With a passion for comic book culture, the podcast is perfect for fellow comic book fans wanting to stay informed and entertained.

#402- Creator Corner: Rylend Grant (THE JUMP)

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: #400- Cheers To Comics! Podcast
The #400 episode of the Cheers to Comics! podcast hosted by Brian Wayne focuses on the latest Kickstarter campaign for "The Jump" by Rylend Grant. The podcast also delves into the grittier aspects of the comic book industry that others may not talk about. Fans can save 10% off their purchases on shopcheerstocomics.com using the code "podcast," and they can follow the podcast on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok at cheerstocomics. The podcast is proudly affiliated with The Apodalypse Geek Colective, Age of Radio Podcast Network, and Nerds4Ever. To learn more about ad choices and booking opportunities, visit the podcast's website.

Under the Influence: Ande Parks & Detective Comics #442

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Around Comics - Comic Books, TV, Movies & More
The podcasting site Around Comics offers fans a deep dive into the world of comic books and the creative minds behind them. In a recent episode, hosts Ande Park and Alex Toth explore Detective Comic #442, a 100-page giant issue featuring various stories, including the classic tale "Death flies the Haunted Sky" written by Archie Goodwin. The hosts discuss the challenges and rewards of being a comic book creator, and how the industry has evolved over time. Whether you're a die-hard fan of Batman or a casual reader, this episode offers fascinating insights into the standard storytelling techniques of the medium. You can listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Amazon, and support the show on Patreon at www.aroundcomics.com.

Newsflash: March 13, 2023

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Zero Issues Comic Podcast
The Zero Issues Comic Podcast brings the latest news and updates on the comic book world straight to its listeners. In their latest episode, they cover exciting events like the new creative team taking over Wonder Woman and The Flash, a big 800th-anniversary issue, and a new direction for Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto. The podcast also discusses the return of Steelworks and Natasha to Steel #1, with Michael Dorn's voice reprising his role from the '90s cartoon, and the potential for a wild misadventure for Typhoid Mary and Kingpin on their Krakoan honeymoon. Fans can download the latest episode and stay in the loop on all the latest comic book news.

352 | Children Of Gaia

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: Two Dimension | Comic Book Podcast
Two Dimension Comic Book Podcast covers a wide range of topics related to comic book culture. In a recent episode, Jayel Draco, Lynsey G, and Oneshi Press talk about their upcoming project, Child of Gaia RPG, along with other projects connected to creating, designing, packaging, and promoting comics. The podcast offers fans an insightful discussion on the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing comic books.

This Geek in Comics for March 12th, 2023

Date: 13 Mar 2023
Source: This Geek in Comics
This Geek in Comics recently shared a podcasting site that comic book fans are sure to love. The site covers a range of topics, including news and reviews from both Marvel and DC comics. Along with comic book content, the site also delves into food news and offers food reviews. With an enthusiastic group of hosts, this podcasting site offers a fun and engaging way to stay up-to-date on all things comics.

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