Thursday, March 9, 2023

Comic Geek Speak Podcast celebrates memory and friendship with Darren Rainbow Cloak Nowell

Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, your daily source for detailed reviews of other comic book podcast episodes. Today, we are excited to share our thoughts on the latest episode of the Comic Geek Speak Podcast, where the hosts celebrate their beloved memory and friendship with Darren Rainbow Cloak Nowell, a longtime member of the Comic Geek Speak Podcasting community. In this episode, the podcast hosts reminisce and share fun anecdotes while discussing various topics ranging from their first geeky experiences to current TV shows, favorite comics, and the comic book culture of the '90s. 

Other podcasts that we cover in today's review include Captioned Life Podcast, where the host speaks about the latest limited series DC comic Human Target, and Robservations with Rob Liefeld, where the creator discusses the importance of March in the comic book industry and its impact on the market. We also touch upon topics like indie comic books, the Justice League International, and offer well-rounded perspectives on comic book culture. 

All Grails No Tales — Jake and Jesús Fly Solo Again

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Spec Tales: A Comic Book Podcast
"Spec Tales: A Comic Book Podcast is a must-listen for any comic book collector or enthusiast. In the latest episode, the host Jesuacutes Jake takes us on a journey discussing recent comic book pickups, speculation, and exciting announcements. The show teases an upcoming event where Spec Tales will make an appearance, so stay tuned for juicy details. By supporting the show on Patreon, listeners can gain access to exclusive bonus content and join a private Discord conversation. The podcast also has an official certified comic shop sponsor who offers a free comic book with every purchase using the code 'freecomic.' Stay connected with Spec Tales through their website, Twitter and Instagram. Don't miss out on this entertaining and informative podcast."

Issue 33: "THE BOYS" (Comics vs Show)

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Zombie
The Comic Zombie podcast recently released an episode where hosts Erik, Chris, Jimmy, and BJ discussed the popular Amazon Prime series "The Boys" and their favorite moments and characters from Season 1-3. They also compared the show to its source material, the Garth Ennis comic book series, and discussed their hopes for the future of the show. In addition to their "The Boys" discussion, the hosts also talked about James Gunn's recent DC studio announcement and his upcoming project "Chapter One: God Monsters". Check out the full video episode on the Comic Zombie website, as well as other great podcasts on the Probably Work network.

Major Spoilers Podcast #1017: The Woman of Tomorrow Podcast

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Major Spoilers Podcast – Major Spoilers
The Major Spoilers Podcast is the perfect site for all comic book fans who want to keep up-to-date with the latest gossip and news. In their latest episode, they talked about exciting topics such as the end of Star Trek Discovery, Supergirl and Women of Tomorrow, and Hawk and Slayer review. They also gave the lowdown on Don't Spit The Wind #1 and Clear #1, as well as Adventure Superman Jon Kent #1. Don't miss out on this exciting episode filled with insightful reviews and analysis.

Patreon Preview: G.I. Joe Renegades Review

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: The Short Box: A Comic Book Talk Show
"The Short Box: A Comic Book Talk Show" recently released a spinoff podcast pilot license featuring a discussion on the 2010s animated show "G.I. Joe: Renegades." Fans who want to access the entire episode and additional bonus content may want to consider becoming a member of their Patreon community. Members will receive special rewards and access to exclusive podcasts. The show also offers a discount code for their online merch store and encourages fans to get in touch via email or social media. With music provided by Mecca Tha Marvelous, DJ Crumbz, and Lerm, "The Short Box" is a great source for all things comic book and cartoon related.

Swamp Thing #126 (The Big Picture)

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Planes, Trains and Comic Books
"Planes, Trains and Comic Books is a podcasting site that explores the world of comic books and comic book culture. In their latest article, they discuss how Swamp Thing helped revitalize the life of a burned-out artist who appeared as the comic book character Mescalito. They also encourage fans to support their work on Patreon and follow them on social media for more exciting content."

The Gutters: Death (and Taxes)

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast
Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast recently released an episode titled "Gutter Audio Journal," where the hosts talk about a variety of topics including the digital estate, a quadruple murder in a small town, and the frenzy surrounding the medium of podcasts. The hosts also discuss other podcasts such as the Movie TV Podcast, Inglorious Treksperts, and the Magnum Podcast. Listeners can leave feedback via email, text or voicemail, and can also connect with the hosts on social media platforms like Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. Thanks for listening!

Suicide Squad Game Footage | The Comic Multiverse Ep.296

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Multiverse
The Comic Multiverse podcast recently released an episode with a detailed breakdown of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Host CapedJoel offers insight and speculation on the upcoming game while also addressing concerns about the game's direction. In addition to the podcast, fans can support CapedJoel on Patreon, purchase merchandise, and follow him on social media for more content.

Kaptara by Chip Zdarsky and Kagan Mcleod

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: The Reader Copy Podcast
The Reader Copy Podcast discusses the latest in comic book culture in their most recent episode, including topics such as Kaptara by Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod, the new cast for Seth Rogen's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, and Marvel's 20th Century comic book imprint. Additionally, hosts Chris and Daniel touch on the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game and Creed 3, with a side-story visit to their site and social media pages. Fans can listen to the entire episode on the Reader Copy Podcast website or iTunes page, with show music provided by MDK Hyper Beam.


Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Keepers
The Comic Book Keepers podcast, hosted by Geekly Grind, offers a unique perspective on the world of comics. They recently discussed the hyper-violent persona of Hunter Rose, the infamous character from the comic series Grendel. The hosts, Chris and Lance, broke down the character's origins and his vast influence on antiheroes in comics today. They also review and discuss all things geeky, from anime and manga to board games and comics. Check out their podcast on or on their social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can even support them on Patreon and see their original artwork. Their original theme is by Weston Gardner of ArcaneAnthems.

Episode 363 | Real Life is the Greatest Spoiler

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: I Read Comic Books
"I Read Comic Books" podcast discusses Marvel's "Nuff Said" event from 2001-2002, where popular comics such as Amazing Spider-man, Punisher, Thor, and Daredevil were featured with minimal dialogue. The hosts also review current comics such as Doctor Strange, The Texas Blood, Blue Book, and Predator. The podcast is hosted by Paul, Nick, and Mike, with timestamps for each topic discussed. Fans can support the podcast by becoming patreon members and gain access to exclusive content.

Al chats with Shawn Hainsworth – Comic Crusaders Podcast #271

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Crusaders Podcast
The Comic Crusaders Podcast recently featured an interview with Shawn Hainsworth, creator of the comic book series SHP. The series, which features an alien vampire sex robot, is currently running a successful Kickstarter campaign with additional stories planned. The host, Al Mega, also mentions the podcast's social media accounts and encourages fans to like, share, and subscribe. Additionally, the podcast is part of the Comic Crusader website, which includes a shop and a sister site for listeners to check out.

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #588: Audio Sensory Mumuring Ridiculousness

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics
The Talking Comics podcast is a weekly show hosted by Steve Seigh, Bob Reyer, Joey Braccino, Aaron Amos, Chris Geary, and John Burkle that delves into everything related to comic books. They cover breaking news, new releases, and discuss the impact of recent issues such as Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel, Magic Order #4, and Strange Academy final #4. In their most recent episode, they meet a vampire in Gotham City and dissect GCPD: The Blue Wall #5, Captain Marvel #43-46, Blood-Stained Teeth #19, The Monster of the Week and The Lie #2, Phantom on the Road #1, Dark Ride #14, and more. Comic book fans can follow them on Twitter at @talkingcomic and email them at

WCPEver Episode 454 - This is the Way

Date: 08 Mar 2023
In the latest episode of WORST. COMIC. PODCAST. EVER!, the hosts discuss the return of The Mandalorian on Disney+ for its third season. Marvel also announced a new imprint line and Fox movie adaptations of Alien, Predator, and Planet of the Apes coming soon. The podcast is planning a panel at Planet Comicon in Kansas City with giveaways sponsored by Clint's Comics. Whether you're looking for new comics or back issues, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Clint's Comics in Kansas City is ready to help. Tune in to WORST. COMIC. PODCAST. EVER! for all your comic book news and updates.

Episode 180- Watch out for Those Hypersonic Rivers

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Bookies
The Comic Bookies podcast is back with another episode, featuring discussions on the latest news and events in the world of comics. Hosts Mark and Sean talk about their recent travels to various events, including a crazy finish in Las Vegas and a shortage of NASCAR talk. They also delve into other sports, such as the NBA and EPL standings, as well as highlighting their top picks for comic book releases. In addition, the hosts give their insights and opinions on topics such as the return of The Punisher and the upcoming Daredevil series. Fans can follow The Comic Bookies on social media and subscribe to their YouTube channel for the latest updates and content. Don't miss episode 181 - it's sure to be a hit with comic book lovers everywhere!

Episode 149: The geography of the heart featuring Cecil Castellucci

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Bitches on Comics
The Bitches on Comics podcast features a conversation with writer Cecil Castellucci, known for her work on Shade, the Changing Girl and Female Furies. Hosts Sara Century, Monika Estrella Negra, and S.E. Fleenor discuss Castellucci's vast writing career and explore topics such as gender in writing and creating compelling characters. Listeners can follow Cecil and the podcast on social media and support the show on Patreon. Bitches on Comics also offers a new horror podcast called Decoded Horror and a queer spec project called Queer Spec. Check out their website for more details.

Calvin and Hobbes

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: The Comics Collective | Comic Book Podcast
The Comics Collective is a podcasting site dedicated to discussing all things related to comic books and comic book culture. In a recent episode, the hosts Anne, Lexi, and Dallas dive into Bill Watterson's masterpiece, Calvin & Hobbes, exploring the impact it had on the comic book industry and the enduring legacy it has left behind. As avid comic book fans themselves, the hosts provide insightful commentary and analysis that is sure to entertain and inform listeners.

Fortress of Comic News Ep. 307 feat. Dalton Shannon

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Fortress of Comic News
Fortress of Comic News reports on the latest in the comic book world, including discussions on voice casting and the latest issues of popular comics. They also delve into Kickstarter projects like Mechaton, which features mechs and kaiju. In addition, the hosts discuss their recent comic book readings, including Phantom Road, Shirtless Bear Fighter, and Cosmic Ghost Rider. Fans can support the show by using their Amazon Associate link or purchasing Fortress of Comic merchandise. Join their Facebook group to chat with hosts and other fans about all things comics.

459 WGCBP | Shut up. I can beat you up!

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast
The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast covers a variety of topics related to comic books and comic book culture. In their latest episode, they discussed everything from the offensive content in an edited James Bond novel to Chris Pine's frustration with the lack of movement on a fourth Star Trek film. The podcast also highlighted comic-related news, such as Clancy Brown's casting as Salvatore Maroni in the upcoming Batman comic and Marvel's launch of a 20th Century Studio imprint. Additionally, they reviewed recent issues of Avengers, Batman Imposter, Darkland, Spidermen Double Trouble, and Medusa's Monstrous Menagerie. Listeners can tune in on platforms like Stitcher and Spotify, and can also support the podcast by becoming Patreon members.

The Last of Us, episode eight: When We Are in Need

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
The Comics In Motion podcast recently posted their penultimate episode of season one, featuring a discussion of the traumatic aspects of The Last of Us Part II video game. The hosts, Ria, Jess, and Paul, touch on themes such as sexual assault and cannibalism, but still manage to find moments of humor and chaos. They also give a content warning before diving into the heavier topics. Kevin provides a beautiful ukulele version of composer Gustavo Santaolalla's "The Last of Us" theme song. Fans can find the podcast on the Comics In Motion website and tune in for their lively discussions of various pop culture topics from a female perspective.

Episode 141- Red Tornado

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Crusade
The Comic Crusade is a must-listen for any comic book aficionado. This podcast covers all aspects of comic book culture, from the latest news in the industry to in-depth discussions on current and classic comic book series. In their recent episode, they talked about everyone's favorite robotic superheroes, Vision and Red Tornado, and the impact they have had on the comic book world. Tune in for insightful analysis and engaging conversation, and be a part of the comic book community with The Comic Crusade.

378: Wolverine is a Rich Little Fancy Gentleman

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Zero Issues Comic Podcast
The Zero Issues Comic Podcast presents a weekly episode all about team-ups in the comic book world. In this lively discussion, the hosts cover everything from Marvel Team-Up to The Brave and the Bold, exploring both beloved and obscure stories. They delve into the history of Marvel Two-in-One, pitch an ongoing Lockjaw team-up book, and even discuss a Wolverine/X-People-only monthly. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just getting into the comic book scene, the Zero Issues Comic Podcast is a must-listen for all things team-up related.

#126: Castaway in Dimension Z (Vol.7) #2 (2013) Rick Remender / John Romita, Jr. / Klaus Janson

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Captain America Comic Book Fans
The Captain America Comic Book Fans website has posted an article introducing a new podcast series called "Dimension Z" which explores the eight-part comic book series of the same name. The podcast will be released every second week of the month and features hosts Rick and Bob discussing the strange world Cap finds himself in after being stranded in a parallel universe by his enemy Arnim Zola. The series promises to change Steve's life forever and connects with fellow Cap fans on social media at Captain America Comic Book Fans on Facebook and @CapComicFans on Twitter. Listeners can support and donate to the podcast via Anchor and leave recorded messages for the show. Visit Captain America Comic Book Fans' homepage to learn more.

Comic Book Club: Ben Goldsmith, Steve Horton, Laurie Foster And Archie Bongiovanni

Date: 08 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
Comic Book Club, a podcast site covering all things relating to comic books, recently aired a new live show featuring a panel of guests discussing various new releases. The episode showcased works such as "Seance Room" by Ben Goldsmith, "Nine Lives" by Steve Horton and Zoop's, "Cthulu Hard Spell" by Laurie Foster, and "Mimosa" by Archie Bongiovanni. Comic book enthusiasts can subscribe to the show on various platforms, including Apple and Android. Fans can also follow the site on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and support the show through Patreon. Privacy and opt-out options are available through their website.

Episode 1379 - CNI Chasers!

Date: 06 Mar 2023
Source: Comic News Insider
Comic News Insider's latest podcast episode covers a range of comic book news, reviews, and updates from the industry. Host Jimmy provides his thoughts on various new releases, including "Hallows Eve #1," "Hunt Kill Repeat #1," "Phantom Road #1," and "John Carpenter's Tales for a Halloween Night: Science Fiction Envoy #1." He also recruits his favorite reviewers to help out, thanking Marta, Melissa, Ricky, Edie, and news anchor Emily for their contributions. Marvel's new 20th Century Studios imprint and Hellboy's return to comics are also discussed. The podcast is a must-listen for any comic book fan looking for the latest insights and discussions.

The Lazarus Planet Problem!

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: Off the Rack Reviews
Off The Rack Reviews recently reported on a live YouTube podcast hosted by ComicPOP Returns on March 6, 2023. The podcast aimed to discuss and review the latest comic book releases, as well as delve into the comic book culture with their usual humor and insight. This podcast is perfect for comic book fans looking to stay up-to-date on the newest releases and to get an entertaining perspective on the industry.

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