Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Celebrating Friendship and Comic Book Culture with Comic Geek Speak and Captioned Life Podcasts

Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, where we review some of the best comic book podcast episodes to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and discussions in the industry. In today's post, we bring you the Comic Geek Speak and Captioned Life Podcast episodes from March 7, 2023. Both shows offer insightful conversations on various topics related to comic book culture. Comic Geek Speak celebrates the memory and friendship of Darren "Rainbow Cloak" Nowell, a longtime member of their podcasting community, while Captioned Life Podcast discus the latest limited series DC comic Human Target written by Tom King. So, grab your favorite beverage and join us as we dive into these fantastic episodes.

1890 - We Love You, Darren

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Geek Speak Podcast - The Best Comic Book Podcast
The Comic Geek Speak podcast recently released an episode celebrating the memory and friendship of long-time member Darren "Rainbow Cloak" Nowell. In the episode, Bryan, Peter, and Shane reminisce and share fun anecdotes about their time in the Comic Geek Speak community, as well as their love for comics and related topics. From roleplaying to current TV shows and the works of Mike Mignola, they cover a range of geeky topics. They also discuss comics they would love to read for the first time and reflect on the legacy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

#90 The Human Target With Anthony Bergamini

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: The Captioned Life
In a recent episode of The Captioned Life podcast, host Sean welcomed comic watch contributor Anthony Bergamini to discuss the latest limited series from DC Comics, Human Target. The duo highlighted the writing and artwork by Tom King and Greg Smallwood respectively, as well as the series' exploration of the Justice League International character theme of death and hope for the future of Human Target Christopher Chance. Bergamini also shared his background in film and comic book writing, while Sean discussed his experience with geek culture and Indy comic books. Fans of comic books, movies, and TV can find Anthony on Twitter and Instagram as @antman0052, and check out his work on Comic Watch.

March Madness! Marvel, DC Countdown!

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: Robservations with Rob Liefeld
Robservations with Rob Liefeld recently discussed the excitement of March Madness, which not only involves basketball, but also brings along some serious gambling opportunities. In addition to this, the podcast also highlighted the importance of comic books by featuring some of its most iconic characters such as Spiderman, Batman, and Flash. Fans are encouraged to tune in and count down the achievements made by these comic book cornerstones over the past decade. Get ready to welcome the madness of March!

The Savage Sword of Conan: 3/7/23

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: The Last Comic Shop
The Last Comic Shop podcast recently reviewed a classic Conan the Barbarian comic book story, "People of the Black Circle," which was adapted for the Savage Sword of Conan magazine by comic book legends Roy Thomas, John Buscema, and Alfredo Alcala. The hosts, Andy Larson and co-hosts Chad Smith and JA Scott, were joined by guest panelist Ethan Larson to explore the 4-part epic and pit Conan against other pop culture barbarians in a tournament-style death match. Fans can join in the fun by voting for their favorite "clad"ness bracket to determine the ultimate warrior in March on the lastcomicshop Twitter page.

The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 579

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Conspiracy
In this episode of The Comic Conspiracy, hosts Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, and Kevin Sharp delve into various topics such as Diamond Comic Distribution, upcoming Fleischer Superman cartoon remasters, Funko troubles, and Marvel releases pushed back. They also discuss how the MCU is finally slowing down and talk about some upcoming comic releases. This episode will surely be of interest to all comic book fans.

Earth-Two in the Bronze Age- Episode 10: All-Star Comics #10

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
Comics In Motion is a podcasting site that discusses all things comic books, and in their latest article, they unpack the last issue of JSA Allstar and Super Squad facing their sudden appearance of Vulcan, Son of Fire. The article explores the storyline and hopes for an Arkham's Soul book covering many Batman's adversaries. The author, Matt, has also contributed to AllStar Comic 60, and fans can find him on Twitter and at Additionally, fans can check out his book review of "Politics of Gotham" and "Black Panther Philosophy" to dive deeper into the cultural and political themes prevalent in comics.

Episode 179: Blackwater

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: Comadres y Comics Podcast
The Comadres y Comics Podcast provides listeners with chisme de la semana, book reviews, and in-depth discussions about comic books and comic book culture. They remind listeners to rate and review the podcast on platforms like iTunes and Castbox and suggest checking out their Patreon and YouTube pages. The latest episode includes speculation on Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter's return to their superhero personas and a book review of "Blackwater" by Jeannette Arroyo and Ren Graham. In addition to comic book discussion, they also highlight organizations like the East Coast Black Age Comic Convention (ECBACC) that focus on encouraging literacy and creativity in black students. Allen Carter, a writer, illustrator, and promoter, joins the show as a guest.

TGiC PREVIEWS! for 3-8-2023

Date: 07 Mar 2023
Source: This Geek in Comics
This Geek in Comics is a podcast that closely examines the latest comic book releases, whether they be hitting shelves at local comic shops or digital storefronts. Each week, the hosts take a deep dive into nearly every new comic book that has come out, providing thoughtful critique and analysis for fans of the medium. For comic book enthusiasts who want to stay on top of the latest releases, This Geek in Comics is an essential listen.

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