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The Ultimate Comic Book Podcast Roundup: May 3, 2023

Welcome back, fellow comic book enthusiasts, to another exciting edition of The Amazing Advocate! Today, we have a fantastic lineup of podcast episodes for you to dive into, featuring in-depth discussions on everything from Rosemary Valero-O'Connell's powerful storytelling in "What Memory Left" to the thrilling conclusion of Marc Silvestri's epic Batman story. As always, our goal is to provide you with the best comic book podcast reviews, so you can stay informed and entertained. So, without further ado, let's dive into today's roundup and explore the captivating world of comic books together!

What Memories Are Left: Memory, Dreams and Nostalgia in Don’t Go Without Me

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
In the latest episode of Comic Book Yeti, host Fred McNamara reviews "Memory Left Memory Dream Nostalgia Go Without" by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell. The comic is a triptych story about love, loss, and connection, with a supernatural twist. The theme of memory as a powerful tool for emotional release and connectivity is expertly woven throughout the book. Valero-O'Connell's artistic storytelling mechanics are on full display, with two additional stories added to the collected edition. This comic is a must-read for fans of the genre.

Fortress Vader Finale: Castle Immortal On Mustafar, The Sith Mask Of Momin & An Intense Force Vision (Darth Vader [2017] Vol 4: #19-25) - Ep 74

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Your Guide To The Canon, Through The Comic Book Lens
The Star Wars: Comics In Canon podcast's latest episode, "Fortress Vader Finale," is a must-listen for any Star Wars comic book fan. Mike and his co-host provide an in-depth analysis of the intense force vision that Darth Vader experiences while creating his immortal castle on Mustafar with the help of Sith Momin. Along the way, they provide information on the many Jedi who appear in the comic's history and familiar faces connected to the events. The episode also includes a spoiler-free book review and a refresher for veteran listeners. Overall, a great addition to the podcast's canon comic book lens.

Candy Men: “How It Started, How It’s Going” + NestlĂ© Crunch

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
The Comic Book Club's live podcast episode on Sweet Tooth season 2 episode 6 was a fun and informative recap of the latest episode. Aimee leading the attack on the Essex County Zoo and the showdown with the Last Men were the highlights of the episode. The discussion on whether to leave the stronghold was also interesting. The Candy Men segment was a great addition, with news updates on upcoming releases like Nestlé Crunch and Starburst. Overall, a must-listen for fans of Sweet Tooth and comic book podcasts.

Top 100 Favorite Star Wars Characters (Part Six) • 11-19

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Penny Bloom Podcast
The Penny Bloom Podcast continues its Top 100 Favorite Star Wars Characters with Part 6, and it's a blast. Hosts Colton Robertson and Joseph George are joined by guest host Tavarus Pennington to discuss spots 11-19, with the top 10 coming on May 4th. The trio also covers a wide range of Star Wars media, from The Mandalorian to the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series. But the real highlight is their Game of Thrones rewatch, with Winter Blooming covering every episode every Monday. If you're a fan of Star Wars or just great podcasting, this is a must-listen.

493 WGCBP | Send the Pinkertons?

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast
The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast episode 493 is a must-listen for comic book fans. The gang discusses everything from the new female-led series coming soon from DC to James Gunn's plans for the DC Universe. The deep cut review of Mean Green Arrow and Iron Man Dead is fascinating, and the news about Eva Green winning her lawsuit against the "career-killing" movie Patriot is a highlight. Don't miss out on this week's episode of the World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast!

#98 Free Comic Book Day With Ashton Greenwood

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: The Captioned Life
The Captioned Life's episode 115 is a must-listen for comic book fans! Hosts Sean and Ashton Greenwood discuss the history and future of Free Comic Book Day with Diamond Comic Distributors. They also share their favorite picks from this year's event and give insight into what fans can expect in 2023. The behind-the-scenes look at the event is fascinating, and the hosts' enthusiasm is infectious. Don't miss this informative and entertaining episode!

DC Spotlight May 2, 2023

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: The Comic Source Podcast
The Comic Source Podcast's DC Spotlight episode on May 2, 2023, was a must-listen for any DC comic book fan. Jace and Rocky's Comic Boom Chat discussed the end of Marc Silvestri's epic Batman story and the debut of the new Peacemaker and Shazam titles. Jace also gave his predictions on where one of the most reviled characters might go. The discussion on the convoluted Joker continuity was interesting, and the hosts' insights were spot-on. Overall, a great episode that any comic book fan should check out.

“Sins of Sinister” Part 10: Nightcrawlers #3—in Review!

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
In the latest episode of Comic Book Herald's podcast, "Sinister Sin" Part 10 Nightcrawler 3, Si Spurrier delivers an impressive final entry to his Nightcrawler mini-series. The worldbuilding is detailed, with contributions from the mystic side of things, and there's a fun surprise along the way. The issue also features a friendly competition between Spurrier and Kieron Gillen and Al Ewing. The only downside is a baffling moment involving Galactus possessed by the spirit of vengeance. Overall, a great addition to the Marvel universe.

IMAGE UNITED! The Most Daring Comic Of All Time!

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Robservations with Rob Liefeld
In the latest episode of Robservations with Rob Liefeld, the comic book legend delves into the daring and ambitious project of Image United, where six popular artists of the era combined their talents to draw every page, sometimes every panel, of a 60 consecutive page comic. Liefeld talks about the inspiration, execution, and obstacles of pulling off such a feat in the history of comics. This podcast episode celebrates the impact of comic book art on culture and is a must-listen for any comic book fan.

Darth Vader Vol.1: 5/2/23

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: The Last Comic Shop
In episode 14 of The Last Comic Shop, host Andy Larson and co-host Chad Smith, along with guest panelist Mikey Wood, review Darth Vader Volume 1 series by Kieron Gillen and Sal Larroca. The hosts also pair the comic book review with a review of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in honor of its 40th anniversary. The banter between the hosts and guest panelist is entertaining and informative, making this episode a must-listen for any Star Wars or comic book fan. May the fourth be with you!

Extra Issues – Superhero Subversions ep. 2: Planetary

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
In the latest episode of Comic Book Herald's "Extra Issue" podcast, hosts Zack and Charlotte dive into the world of Warren Ellis' "Planetary" series. They discuss the series' references to pop culture and its unique storytelling style, which weaves together one-off stories into a complete tapestry. The hosts also tease upcoming episodes of their "Superhero Subversion" miniseries, which will cover Peter Cannon Thunderbolt, The Boys, and Miracleman. As a fellow comic book fan, I appreciate the hosts' enthusiasm and insight into the world of comics. Highly recommend this episode to fans of "Planetary" and anyone looking for a new comic book series to dive into.

The final convention I went to, if memory serves, was San Diego Comic Fest…

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast's latest episode features a meeting with Wendy Richard Pini, the original creator of Elfquest. The hosts discuss their first encounter with Richard Pini and how they thought they would only be doing a "filler post comic" for issue 21 of a black and white magazine. The episode is a great listen for fans of comic books and provides insight into the creative process behind one of the most beloved comic book series of all time. Don't miss this one!

The Sins of Sinister come home to roost!

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: Off the Rack Reviews
Off the Rack Reviews' latest episode, "Sinister Come Home to Roost," is a must-listen for comic book fans. Tiff and Sal from ComicPop Talk discuss their favorite new comic book, movie, and TV show releases. The episode's highlight is their in-depth analysis of the Sinister War storyline in Spider-Man comics. The hosts' chemistry and knowledge make for an engaging and informative listen. Don't miss this episode!

TGiC PREVIEWS! for 5-3-2023

Date: 02 May 2023
Source: This Geek in Comics
This Geek in Comics podcast is a must-listen for comic book fans. In the latest episode, they review new comic book releases, including IDW and DC Comics. They also discuss the expansion of the DC Universe and the rise of new comic book publishers. The hosts provide insightful commentary on the latest news and trends in the comic book industry. The food news segment is a fun addition, and the hosts' banter keeps the episode engaging. Overall, a great listen for any comic book enthusiast.

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