Friday, May 5, 2023

A Thunderous Journey Through the Comic Book Podcast Universe

Welcome to another exciting edition of The Amazing Advocate, your daily source for the best comic book podcast episodes! Today, we're diving into a fantastic lineup of shows, including an insightful interview with Mark Nelson on Comic Book Yeti, a thrilling Star Wars Rebels rewatch on Who's the Bossk, and a captivating discussion on Fantastic Four casting rumors on Comic Book Cinema. So, buckle up and join us as we explore the fascinating world of comic book podcasts, and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Rolling with the Thunder - An Interview with MARK A. NELSON

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
In the latest episode of Comic Book Yeti, host JV Holbrook chats with accomplished artist and educator Mark Nelson about his current campaign for Zoop Thunder Hunter. Nelson shares his journey in the comic industry, from teaching to gallery shows to independent comics. The "Cryptidbits" segment is a fun addition, and Nelson's passion for art shines through in his interior illustrations. Overall, a great listen for fans of comics and art.

Who’s the Bossk? – Episode 153: Rebels Rewatched with Jovee Peñaloza and Christian Brennan

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Who's the Bossk?
Who's the Bossk? Episode 153 "Rebel Rewatched" is a must-listen for Star Wars fans. Host Mike Celestino is joined by Jovee Peñaloza and Christian Brennan to discuss the popular animated series Star Wars Rebels, which they recently rewatched in its entirety. The trio delves into the show's characters, themes, and standout moments, making for an engaging and insightful conversation. As a fan of the show, I appreciated their deep dive into the series and their thoughtful analysis. Highly recommend this episode to any Star Wars fan.

Fantastic Four Casting Rumors | Will Kate Bishop Return? | Comic Book Cinema

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Cinema
In the latest episode of Comic Book Cinema, Jonathan and his guest discuss the possibility of Kate Bishop returning to the MCU and the rumor of John Krasinski being cast as Reed Richards in the upcoming Fantastic Four film. The conversation is engaging and insightful, with both hosts offering their opinions on the potential casting choices. Fans of comic book movies will enjoy this episode and the speculation about what's to come in the MCU. Overall, Comic Book Cinema continues to deliver great content for fans of the genre.

Candy Men: “The Ballad Of The Last Men” + Maple Syrup

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
The latest episode of Comic Book Club's live show podcast features a recap of Sweet Tooth season 2 episode 8, "Ballad Last Men." The hosts discuss the character development of General Abbott and the emotional scene between Jepp and Aimee. Singh's surprising realization and Johnny's decision also add to the excitement of the season 2 finale. The hosts even take a shot of maple syrup in honor of the episode's setting. Overall, a fun and insightful review for fans of the show and comic book enthusiasts.

Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Characters

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Penny Bloom Podcast
The Penny Bloom Podcast's latest episode is a must-listen for Star Wars fans. Hosts Colton Robertson and Joseph George wrap up their Top 100 Favorite Star Wars Characters countdown with their Top 10 picks. The discussion is lively and insightful, with plenty of nods to fan-favorite characters and some surprising choices. The hosts also touch on their coverage of other TV shows, including Game of Thrones and Westworld, as well as their weekly movie reviews. Overall, the Penny Bloom Podcast is a great resource for fans of all things geeky.

Jedi: Battle Scars By Sam Maggs, Review & Plot Overview – The Fallen Order Sequel & Survivor Prequel Novel About Cal Kestis, Merrin, Cere Junda & Greez Dritus!

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Your Guide To The Canon, Through The Comic Book Lens
In the latest episode of Star Wars: Comics In Canon, hosts Mike Burton and Mike Delf provide a detailed overview of the plot of Jedi Battle Scar by Sam Maggs. This comic book is a sequel to the video game Jedi Fallen Order and follows the survivor Cal Kestis as he navigates the aftermath of Order 66. The Mikes give spoiler-free thoughts on the book and discuss how it connects to the wider Star Wars canon. Along the way, they provide information on species, planets, and familiar faces connected to the events in the book. This episode is perfect for fans of the game and comic book series looking to deepen their understanding of the Star Wars universe.

Swamp Thing #134 (She's Leaving Houma)

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Planes, Trains and Comic Books
In the latest episode of Planes, Trains and Comic Books, hosts Matt and John dive deep into the beloved Swamp Thing story arc. They discuss the marriage of Abby and the surprise guest star's return, while also exploring lesser-known works. The hosts provide insightful commentary and analysis, making this episode a must-listen for any comic book enthusiast. Follow them on social media and support them on Patreon for more great content.

A Grail Tale That'll Capture You In A Chamber of Chills

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Spec Tales: A Comic Book Podcast
Spec Tales: A Comic Book Podcast's latest episode is a chilling grail tale that will captivate listeners. Hosts Jake and Jesús fly solo this week to discuss Free Comic Book Day and a listener-submitted grail tale that will give you goosebumps. The show's diverse voices and engaging content make it a must-listen for comic book fans. Support the show by subscribing to their Patreon for exclusive bonus content and join their private Discord conversation. Overall, Spec Tales is a fantastic podcast for anyone who loves comic books and wants to hear engaging discussions about the genre.

The novelty of Artificial Intelligence

Date: 04 May 2023
Source: Comic Lab
The latest episode of Comic Lab is a must-listen for fans of the podcast. Brad and Dave discuss their Patreon goals, including the hilarious idea of hiring a photographer to shoot sultry boudoir photos of Brad on a bearskin rug. They also answer listener questions and give pro tips for creating comics. The banter between these two comic book veterans is always entertaining and informative. Don't miss this episode!

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