Friday, May 19, 2023

A Comic Book Podcast Extravaganza: Exploring Tom Strong, Danger Street, and More!

Welcome to another exciting edition of The Amazing Advocate, where we bring you daily reviews of the best comic book podcast episodes out there! In today's roundup, we'll dive into the classic Tom Strong by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse, explore Tom King's latest creation Danger Street, and even take a journey through the Star Wars comic canon. So, buckle up and join us as we navigate through these thrilling discussions and insightful interviews. Whether you're a seasoned comic book fan or just starting your journey, there's something for everyone in today's podcast extravaganza!

The Classics: "Tom Strong" by Alan Moore & Chris Sprouse

Date: 19 May 2023
Source: History of Comic Books Podcast
The History of Comic Books Podcast's episode on Classic Tom Strong with Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse is a must-listen for any fan of the series. The hosts provide a brief review of the classic adventure series, while also delving into the creative process behind the comic. The interview with Moore and Sprouse is particularly interesting, as they discuss their collaboration and the challenges they faced in creating the iconic character. Overall, this episode is a great addition to the podcast's archive of comic book history.

Collecting Artists

Date: 18 May 2023
Source: Comic Culture
In this episode of Comic Culture, Chris and Walt discuss the joys of collecting artist editions and original art. They highlight the importance of adding these pieces to your collection and how it can add a new layer to your appreciation of comics. They also touch on the undervalued gems in the comic book world and the importance of championing them. Overall, a great episode for any comic book fan looking to expand their collection.

Tom King on Danger Street

Date: 18 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast
The latest episode of Comic Book Couples Counseling features a discussion with Tom King about his latest creation, Danger Street. King takes us on a journey through the creation of this maxiseries and the challenges of creating a narrative for a group of random superhero rejects. The conversation also delves into the larger societal impact of showing kindness and the power of availability. Spoiler alert: the first six issues are discussed in detail, so be warned. Overall, this episode is a must-listen for fans of Tom King and anyone interested in the comic book industry.

COMIC TALK TODAY COMIC TALK HEADLINES FOR MAY 17TH, 2023 | Another Special Episode... Don't get used to it

Date: 18 May 2023
Source: Comic Talk Today
Comic Talk Today's latest episode, "Comic Talk Headline May 17th, 2023," is another special episode that's worth tuning in for. The hosts discuss the writer's strike and its impact on entertainment news, but the real highlights are the music and video game recommendations. Five Finger Death Punch's Ivan's hernia surgery didn't go well, forcing the band to cancel shows, while Asking Alexandria's "Dark Void" and Linkin Park's "Love" are must-listens. Overall, a fun and informative episode for comic book and music fans alike.


Date: 18 May 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Trojan Issue 1 from AWA Studio is a dark thriller meets urban fantasy tale. The story follows a computer hacker named Dirk who gets involved with a woman named Nessa and her dealings on the dark web. The cityscape feels like an additional character, largely due to the detailed background art by Laci. The dialogue between Nessa and Dirk is immediately clear that they are butt heads, with Nessa being a hopeful idealist and Dirk being a cynical individualist. The podcast does a great job of displaying the differing personalities of the characters and making the city feel alive. Overall, a great start to what promises to be an exciting series.

War Of The Bounty Hunters 5: The End Of The Bounty Hunter War, Plus Qi'ra Meets Leia, Boba & Valance, Vader Punishes Hutts, Knights Of Ren & More (WoBH5>DA15> DV17>IG-88> SW18>BH17) - Ep 82

Date: 18 May 2023
Source: Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Your Guide To The Canon, Through The Comic Book Lens
In the latest episode of "Star Wars: Comics In Canon," hosts Mike Burton and Mike Delf take listeners on a journey through the Star Wars canon via comic books. The episode provides a perfect refresher for fans who may have never read a Star Wars comic before, while also providing plot details and connections for veteran readers. Along the way, the hosts discuss various species, planets, and familiar faces connected to events in the wider Star Wars canon. The episode also includes a spoiler-free book review and introduction to Star Wars-related content. Fans of the series will enjoy the hosts' insights and analysis, making this episode a must-listen for any Star Wars comic book fan.

Publishing two versions of the same book?

Date: 18 May 2023
Source: Comic Lab
Comic Lab's latest episode is a must-listen for aspiring comic creators. Brad and Dave discuss the importance of networking and building relationships in the industry. They also share their experiences with conventions and how to make the most out of them. The pro tip segment is particularly helpful, offering practical advice on how to create a successful Kickstarter campaign. Overall, a fun and informative episode for any comic book fan looking to break into the industry.

Fortress of Comic News Ep. 317.1 feat. Dalton Shannon

Date: 18 May 2023
Source: Fortress of Comic News
Fortress of Comic News Ep. 3171 with Dalton Shannon is a must-listen for comic book fans. The hosts discuss Shannon's new graphic novel, "Depth," which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. They also touch on Shannon's previous work, including "Frankenstein Unconquered" and "Mechaton." The episode is informative and engaging, with the hosts asking thoughtful questions and Shannon providing insightful answers. Don't miss out on this great conversation about the world of comics.

Indie Comics Spotlight: Necropolitan

Date: 18 May 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
The latest episode of Comics In Motion's Indie Comic Spotlight features a discussion on the latest installment of Necropolitan. Tony, Dr. Julian Darius, and Mike Phillips delve into the dark and intriguing world of Necropolitan in a fun and engaging way. The trio also discuss the latest volume of Star Wars Vision, comparing it to the first volume and analyzing the animation style and voice acting. Don't miss this episode and consider supporting Martian Lit on Patreon for more amazing content. As a fellow comic book fan, I highly recommend this podcast.

Trojan & Where Monsters Lie (80 - Trade 8)

Date: 17 May 2023
Source: TLDR Comic Book Club
TLDR Comic Book Club is a must-listen for comic book fans. In their latest episode, Doc Friar and Backcrackah discuss the Trojan Monster Lie trade and provide a local comic shop feel in podcast form. They also give weekly release news and revisit past series. The highlight of the episode is their discussion on Ryan Parrott's latest success, Mighty Morphin Power Ranger TMNT Vol II, and Rogue Sun. The hosts are knowledgeable and provide great insights. Highly recommended for comic book enthusiasts.

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