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The Amazing Advocate's Daily Review: Comic Book Yeti's Impressive Remastered Edition and Scout Comics' Exciting New Series


Welcome to The Amazing Advocate's Daily Review! Today, we're excited to feature two podcast episodes from Comic Book Yeti that showcase amazing storytelling and art in the comic book genre. The first episode is an impressive remastered edition of Comic Book Sire Origin, which sheds light on the backstory of Donald Wright, a man trapped inside a superhero costume with amazing powers as he battles a villain. The second episode features an interview with the dream team behind Scout Comics' exciting new series, Death Drop, which follows the journey of drag queen Death Drop in search of her missing sister. To top it off, we'll also be using an AI Image generation tool to create an image in the style of comics legend Jack Kirby based on the description of the Comic Book Sire Origin episode. So, get ready for an exciting ride with The Amazing Advocate! 

Collected for the first time, Michael Dolce’s THE SIRE: ORIGINS, coming this summer!

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
The latest episode of Comic Book Yeti features the impressive remastered edition of the comic book 'Sire Origin'. The episode sheds light on the backstory of Donald Wright, a man trapped inside a superhero costume with amazing powers, and his battle against a villain. Michael Dolce's love for 90s superhero comics shines through in the stunning cover and Daniel Leister's Grimm Fairy Tale art. The podcast presents fans with never-before-collected content, making it a true love letter to the superhero universe. This episode is a must-listen for fans of superhero comics.

DEATH DROP: DRAG ASSASSIN is Coming This Summer from Scout Comics!

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
In the latest episode of Comic Book Yeti, the hosts interview the comic dream team behind the exciting new series, Death Drop. Writer David Hazan and artist Alex Moore have created a beautifully illustrated comic that merges neon noir aesthetics with pulse-pounding action. The story revolves around the drag queen, Death Drop as she searches for her missing drag sister, Luna. With the help of her drag mother, Mother Henny, Death Drop embarks on a dangerous journey to find Luna, while grappling with her own haunted past. The unique blend of campy humor and dark themes makes Death Drop a must-read for fans of the comic book genre. The interview gives you an insight into the creative process that went into the making of this comic, making it a compelling episode for any comic book or podcast fan.

Patreon Preview: Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson on Justice Warriors

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast
In the latest episode of Comic Book Couples Counseling, creators Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson chat about their new book, Justice Warrior, a scifi satire that is both painfully silly and horrifyingly recognizable. The duo discuss the inspiration behind the book and their love for continuing to stoke the flame of Justice Warrior. The conversation explores the purpose of art and the many influences that fueled the creation of the book. Justice Warrior is a biting and absurdly funny tale with astonishingly beautiful art that demands a second and third read. Don't let this exceptional comic slip past your radar. Check it out on Ahoy Comic's website and follow Bors and Clarkson on social media.


Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
The Comic Book Yeti's latest episode features artist Nick Pitarra and writer Jon Chirping, the creators of "Axwielder Jon: Comics about Comics." They discuss the balance between family and creating in the industry. It's refreshing to hear how they navigate this struggle with honesty and vulnerability. Pitarra and Chirping's creativity shines through in their new graphic novel, with an immense amount of supplemental material and background that provides context around the birth of their project. Overall, this episode is a great deep dive into the world of comic book creation.

491 WGCBP | The Penultimates

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast
The latest episode of The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast was packed with news and updates. We learned about Al Jaffee, Michael Lerner, Rachel Pollack, and Mike Machlan, all of whom made significant contributions to the comic book industry. Plus, Corgi UK is releasing a new Star Trek model, and Jeremy Renner took responsibility for recent drama surrounding him. Hosts also gave reviews of the penultimate episode of The Mandalorian and Star Trek: Picard, making this a must-listen for comic book fans. Don't miss out!

Top 100 Favorite Star Wars Characters (Part One) • 2nd Edition

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Penny Bloom Podcast
The most recent episode of the Penny Bloom Podcast, titled "Revisiting Our Top 100 Favorite Star Wars Characters," is a must-listen for any Star Wars fan. The hosts, Penny and Derek, update their original list to include new characters and changes, and the process is entertaining and informative. The discussion ranges from obscure characters to the big hitters, and is peppered with amusing anecdotes and opinions. Part one of the list covers the bottom 25 to 76-100, and the hosts make some surprising choices. Overall, this podcast is a fun, informative way to get your Star Wars fix.

Top 100 Favorite Star Wars Characters (Part Two) • 2nd Edition

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Penny Bloom Podcast
In the Penny Bloom Podcast's latest episode on the top 100 Star Wars characters, the crew has reached the halfway point! The discussion is lively, with plenty of debate and love for characters like Cad Bane and Darth Maul. It's clear this is a passionate group of fans who know their Star Wars lore. Can't wait to see who makes it to the top of the list in the upcoming episodes!

DC Comics - April 18, 2023

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: The Comic Source Podcast
The Comic Source Podcast episode released on April 18th, 2023 featuring Jace and Rocky was a fantastic start to the week. The hosts break down the latest DC comic titles in detail, with Superboy and Superman teaming up to defeat Parasite being a standout issue. The return of the beloved DC duo also had fans excited. The plethora of silent tales captured the fun of DC perfectly. The creative team stuck the landing on DCeased, with one emotion-packed impact that comic book fans have come to expect from the story. Join this thought-provoking title to explore the DC universe.

#96 "Batman Incorporated" With Ed Brisson And John Timms

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: The Captioned Life
In a recent episode of The Captioned Life podcast, writer Ed Brisson and artist John Timms shared their experience working on DC Comics' Batman Incorporated. They discussed how they created the batman-inspired crimefighting team, Grey Wolf, and how the character became an instant hit with the fans. Brisson and Timms also hinted at the upcoming introduction of Joker Inc in an upcoming arc of the series.

What really blew Brisson's mind as a kid, and as a comic book writer, was the self-published crime series Murder Book which garnered attention and was collected and released by Dark Horse in early 2015. Brisson has since broken into the public spotlight with his Crime/Time-Travel thriller series, "Comeback," for the Shadowline/Image comic.

Timms, Costa Rican comic artist, who has worked for Marvel and exclusively for DC Comics for the past eight years, is best known for his work on Harley Quinn.

Overall, the episode was insightful, and it was exciting to hear from two incredibly talented individuals talk about their work. Fans of comic books and podcasts should not miss this episode of The Captioned Life.

Artificial Intelligence! Rise Of The Machines!

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Robservations with Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld's special episode on his podcast, Robservations, delves into the growing influence of artificial intelligence in music, movies, and art. His insights on deep fakes and the potential rise of AI in the entertainment industry are thought-provoking. Liefeld shares his belief that mankind will ultimately prevail and not be overtaken by AI. A must-listen for tech and comic book enthusiasts alike.

Green Arrow, The Longbow Hunters: 4/18/23

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: The Last Comic Shop
The Last Comic Shop's latest episode showcases their love of Green Arrow: Longbow Hunter, delving into the best moments and hidden gems of the series. Hosts Andy Larson and JA Scott, along with guest hosts Mikey Wood and Ethan Larson, give their expert opinions on the iconic comic book limited series. In addition, the show's trivia section tests fans' knowledge of 80s action movies and TV shows. Overall, the episode is a must-listen for fans of Green Arrow and comic books.

Episode 1387 - CNI: Honor Among Podcasts!

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Comic News Insider
The latest episode of Comic News Insider covers a range of topics including reviews of The Great British Bump, The Exorcist Never Dies, and Super Mario Bros Movie. Host Jimmy recruits his favorite reviewer to help with the week's comic TV review. News anchor Emily loads the news with plenty of Star Wars updates and a new Game of Thrones prequel. The return of Metalocalypse is also discussed. Overall, a great episode packed with entertaining content for comic book fans. Thanks for listening!

“Hungry Ghost” with Victoria Ying | CBH Interviews #109

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Best Comics Ever
In "Best Comics Ever," Victoria Ying discusses her new graphic novel "Hungry Ghost" and her upcoming Shang-Chi project with Marvel. She shares her writing process and influences, including manga, and offers insight into the hidden material readers may have missed. The interview's audio annotative guide provides a deeper understanding of the intricacies behind her art. The podcast's music, by Anthony Wei, complements the episode perfectly. Overall, a fantastic listen for fans of comic books and graphic novels.

AC 456: Under the Influence with Tim Seeley

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Around Comics - Comic Books, TV, Movies & More
The latest episode of Around Comics features an insightful conversation with comic book writer and artist Tim Seeley about his new series, Money Shot, and the evolution of adult-themed comics. Seeley also discusses his inspiration for creating Cherry Pop Tart, his desire to build a legacy, and the challenges he faces as a creator. This candid conversation is a must-listen for fans of indie comics, graphic novels, and comic books. Don't miss out on this talented writer and artist in the industry. #cherrypoptart #comic #indiecomics #comicbooks #graphicnovels #timseeley #aroundcomics #podcast #moneyshot.

Earth-Two in the Bronze Age- Episode 12: All-Star Comics #61

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
Comics In Motion's latest episode covers JSA Split Guard, Dr. Fate, and the hope for a cure for Zanadu. The summary of this episode is an intriguing one. The hosts delve deep into the world of superheroes and present their opinions in a witty and informative manner. The segment on Golden Age Superman joining a mission is a highlight, and it's interesting to see how everyone is happy to follow the show on Twitter. The hosts are active on social media and encourage their listeners to reach out to them via email and Twitter. The review also includes information about related books, such as "Politics of the Gotham Universe" and "Black Panther Philosophy," which are worth checking out. The hosts promise to cover many of Batman's adversaries in their upcoming book "Arkham's Soul," which offers a glimpse into their future episodes. All in all, this episode is a treat for comic book lovers who enjoy insightful discussions and witty banter between hosts.

Episode 183: WonderCon 2023 Recap

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Comadres y Comics Podcast
The latest episode of Comadres y Comics Podcast from WonderCon is a must-listen for any comic book fan. The hosts share highlights from the convention while enjoying a few drinks – and it makes for a hilarious and entertaining show. From panel discussions to cosplay to exclusive merchandise, these ladies cover it all. Make sure to grab a beer and tune in.

Issue 29, we discussed Avengers Infinity War…

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast recently released an episode discussing fan-made artwork and it did not disappoint. The hosts shared their own experiences with commissioning artwork and gave tips on how to get the most out of your artist. One highlight of the episode was when they talked about a listener's request for a photoshopped image of themselves wearing the gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War. They described the final product, which featured full set gems in a space background, as "cool" and "artistic". Another interesting point was when they discussed the anxiety lantern and how it ties into mental health awareness. Overall, this episode was both informative and entertaining, a must-listen for any comic book fan.

TGiC PREVIEWS! for 4-20-2023

Date: 18 Apr 2023
Source: This Geek in Comics
In a recent episode of This Geek in Comics, the hosts took a deep dive into the latest comic book hits hitting shelves and digital storefronts each week. The segment on "The Batman Who Laughs" was especially intriguing, as they delved into the character's psychology and motivations. The hosts also provided insightful recommendations for upcoming releases based on their personal favorites. Overall, a must-listen for any comic book fan looking to stay current on the latest releases.

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