Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Swamp Thing's Toxic Shock, Batman's One Bad Day, and Comic Relief's Long Beach Expo Coverage: Latest Comic Book Podcast Reviews


Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, where we provide daily reviews of the latest comic book podcast episodes. Today's episode features three exciting podcasts: Plane Train Comic Books, Comic Junkies, and Comic Relief Podcast. In Plane Train Comic Books, the hosts explore the fascinating world of Swamp Thing and discuss his drastic physical appearance change after a fateful confrontation. Comic Junkies dives into the classic Batman story arc, The Killing Joke, and looks at the difference between the book and animated film. Comic Relief Podcast discusses their coverage of the Long Beach Comic Expo and featured interviews with interesting guests. We're excited to share these reviews with you and hope you enjoy them as much as we did. 

Swamp Thing #128 (Toxic Shock)

Date: 21 Mar 2023
Source: Planes, Trains and Comic Books
In the latest episode of Planes, Trains and Comic Books, the hosts explore the fascinating world of Swamp Thing. They dive deep into the mechanics of how the supernatural creature comes to life, and discuss the fateful confrontation that leads to a drastic physical change in his appearance. The hosts also touch on the new Swamp Thing living in the bayou and the support he finds along the way. Don't miss out on this insightful episode for all comic book fans out there. Follow them on their socials, @planestrainsandcomicbooks, and support them on Patreon at patreon.com/planestrainsandcomicbooks.

Batman: The Killing Joke! 35 Years of One Bad Day!

Date: 21 Mar 2023
Source: For Comic Junkies
For Comic Junkies' podcast episode on "One Bad Day" was a great trip down memory lane. Host Alex Robson dives into the classic Batman story arc with discussions on the Joker, Jim Gordon, and the difference between the book and animated film. The episode is sponsored by Anchor, the easiest way to make a podcast. Check it out on their Instagram handle @4comicjunkies.

Long Beach Comic Expo was our tenth episode…

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast's coverage of Long Beach Comic Expo was a fun and exciting listen. Though Tawmis's illness prevented him from attending, Colleen stepped up as a special guest co-pilot and did an amazing job. The podcast included an interview with Joy and Black Jack Comics, which was interesting and insightful. One of the coolest moments was meeting Stan Sakai, who was as humble and amazing as ever. It's been a year since I first met him at San Diego Comic Con and this experience was just as special. Follow their website, Facebook page, and Twitter for more comic relief. #comicreliefpodcast #longbeachcomicexpo #jimmystermolen #tawmisknobi #colleenwrather #joyandblackjackcomic #stansakai #whilceportacio #comics #comicbooks #podcastreview

Episode 55 - Shazam Fury of the Critics

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Coffee 'n' Capes
Coffee 'n' Capes' latest episode is an absolute must-listen for comic book fans! Hosts Dave and John expertly dissect the latest DC movie, Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods, and offer thoughtful insights into why some critics disliked it. They also dive into the state of superhero movie fatigue and how studios can avoid it. The dulcet tones of the hosts will have you sipping your coffee and nodding along to their nerdy insights. Check out the full episode at coffeencapes.com! #coffeencapes #comicbookpodcast

Season 2, Episode 2: MADMAN Volume 1

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Canon Revival
Geek alert! Comic Canon Revival's latest episode is a must-listen for comic book aficionados. Hosts Gee, Golly, and Ginchy, along with guest Jered Wendell, dive deep into Michael Allred's "Madman" Volume 1. The broad discussion highlights Allred's work as genius, emphasizing the humor and pop-art 90s vibe that oozes from every page. The hosts even touch on Madman's striking similarity to other beloved protagonists such as Freakazoid and Deadpool. This episode is a glorious tribute to Allred's masterpiece comic. Instagram handle: @comiccanonrevival.

Who’s the Bossk? – Episode 145: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with David Murto

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Who's the Bossk?
In the latest episode of Who's the Bossk?, host Mike Celestino and guest David Murto delve into the world of Italian filmmaker Sergio Leone's classic film, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. As part of their recurring "Mike & David Movie Club" segment, the two discuss the cinematography, the score, and the memorable characters played by Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach. Fans of the film will appreciate the insight and analysis, while those unfamiliar with it will be inspired to give it a watch. Check out the episode on laughingplace.com. #WhosTheBossk #MovieClub #SergioLeone #TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly

Sons Of A Gunn: Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Review

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
The latest episode of Comic Book Club offers a spoiler-filled review of the hit movie "Shazam! Fury of the Gods." They break down the end credit scene and discuss the impact of James Gunn's upcoming DC Universe. I loved their in-depth analysis and insider knowledge. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or support the show on Patreon. Post-show, they discuss the son of Gunn. Subscribe on Apple, Android, Spotify, Stitcher or your app of choice. #ComicBookClub #Shazam #JamesGunn #DCUniverse

Comic Picks of the Week: March 22, 2023

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Book Spot
DC Comics takes back the top spot on this week's new comic book day slate with stunning art and writing. Comic Book Spot recommends checking out the Milestone 30th Anniversary Special #1, which commemorates the history of the Milestone initiative program and introduces today's Milestone character counterparts to their 1993 counterparts. Other notable titles include the next Static/Batman Beyond story and the latest issue of The Magic Order. The review also gives a shoutout to Inferno Girl Red and Death's Afterlife for their exciting storylines. A must-read for any comic book fan! #comicbookspot #newcomicbookday #milestone30thanniversary #infernogirlred #deathsafterlife

Winter is Blooming • Game of Thrones #301 • "Valar Dohaeris"

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Penny Bloom Podcast
The Penny Bloom Podcast's latest episode dives into the wonderful world of Game of Thrones season 3. As a huge fan of the show, I loved hearing the hosts reminisce on the epic moments and character development from this season. Their analysis of certain scenes, such as the Red Wedding, were spot on and it was great to see their passion for the series. Definitely give this episode a listen if you're a Game of Thrones fan! @pennybloompodcast.

Al chats with John Kratky – Comic Crusaders Podcast #276

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Crusaders Podcast
In episode 276 of the Comic Crusaders Podcast, host Al Mega chats with indie comic creator John Kratky about his latest Kickstarter project "Home Free issue 13" and more. The episode is filled with interesting insights and updates from the comic industry. Follow Coffee Time Comix on Twitter and Instagram to learn more. Don't forget to check out the Comic Crusaders Shop and the Undercover Capes Podcast Network for more comic-related content. As a fan of comic books and podcasts, I highly recommend this episode.

Ep 292 Shazam! Fury of the Gods spoiler review

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Bullies
The Comic Book Bullies latest episode covers all things comics and pop culture. Their review of Shazam! Fury of the Gods and a breakdown of The Mandalorian S3E3 were on point. I appreciated their dark humor in the Zack Snyder retweet about Darkseid. They also covered Wolverine 2020 #31, Immortal X-Men 2023 #2, and Star Wars Yoda 2022 #5, plus a whole bunch more. Follow them on Instagram @cbbpodcast for a daily dose of comic book awesomeness.

2002 Pt. 3: Daredevil & Elektra

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
In the latest episode of Marvel Myths and Legends, Dave, Charlotte, and Zack discuss Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's run on Daredevil and Greg Rucka's time on Elektra. They cover issues available via Marvel Unlimited and offer a downloadable checklist to follow along. The podcast also introduces oddball X-series, X-Statix, and recommends Chamber 14. The hosts' enthusiasm for comics is infectious, and their banter makes for a fun and engaging listen. Follow Comic Book Herald for more Marvel reviews and content. @comicbookherald #marvel #podcast #comics #daredevil #elektra #xstatix #marvelmythsandlegends

Top 3 Comic Books of the Week | March 15th NCBD | Best Comic Book Recommendations | Comic Reviews

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Lost'n Comics
Lost'n Comics podcast featured an exciting episode last week, highlighting the top three indie superhero comics. The hosts provided great insight and gave each comic their well-deserved attention, making it hard to choose just one to check out. The episode also included a discount code for Lost'n Comics' social media followers. If you're a fan of comic books, this podcast is a must-listen. Follow them on Instagram @lostncomics to stay updated on all things comics. #ComicBookFans #PodcastReview #LostnComics

Classic Comics with Matthew B. Lloyd: Episode 35- Rambling on Bronze Age Storytelling

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
Comics In Motion's Episode 35 is a must-listen! @comicslloyd talks about the storytelling technique in classic and modern comics, from the John Romita era of Amazing Spiderman to current comics like Batgirls and Shehulk. His scientific stream of thought is touchy and keep us engaged. The discussion of the heart of Juliet Jones newspaper strip found in modern comics is fascinating. Follow him on Twitter or send him an email for more comic book talk!

353 | Alex Squiers

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Two Dimension | Comic Book Podcast
The Two Dimension podcast is a must-listen for comic book fans. Their recent episode reviewing the "Starwell Foundation" audio drama was a standout. The panel discussed how the intern convinced a supervillain to do the right thing, and guest Alex Squiers came on to talk about the interesting themes explored in the show. The host's opinions on the episode were well-constructed and thoughtful. Listen to this episode, and follow them for more @twodimensionpodcast.

This Geek in Comics for March 19th, 2023

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: This Geek in Comics
This Geek in Comics episode covers everything from digital comic making to the upcoming Hellfire Gala. Along with real food news and a comic review, there's plenty to sink your teeth into. Hosts Tony and Sara keep things light and fun, while still delivering insightful commentary. One highlight was their discussion on how digital comic making has become more accessible to creators. Catch up on all the latest in comic news with This Geek in Comics. @thisgeekincomics on Instagram.

Matt D. Wilson

Date: 20 Mar 2023
Source: Comics For The Apocalypse
In today's episode of Comics For The Apocalypse, writer and podcaster Matt Wilson discusses the comic books he would take with him in the event of a zombie outbreak. Wilson shares his picks with enthusiasm and humor, including some lesser-known titles that could come in handy during the apocalypse. His passion for comics shines through in this entertaining episode. Follow Matt on Instagram @themattdwilson for more comic book love.

Do Bears Do Coke? A (mostly) True (well, somewhat) Appalachian Story - (actually, it strays a bit ((a lot, really)) from the true event its based on)

Date: 19 Mar 2023
Source: COMIC TALK616
The COMIC TALK616 podcast's "Cocaine Bear Movie Review" is a wild ride full of humor and interesting facts. Based on a true story of a black bear on a cocaine-fueled rampage, the hosts thoroughly enjoyed the film despite it not being kid-friendly. The outro music by Mike Bradley was a great touch, and the social media links are provided for fans to follow. Overall, a fun and engaging episode. Find them on Instagram at @comictalk616.

More creativity spawned by this podcast…

Date: 19 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast episode, "Digging for Pictures," is a must-listen for any true comic book fan. The hosts discuss finding an Avengers shield at the San Diego Del Mar fairground that inspired them to make badges at WonderCon 2014. The episode is filled with fun and creativity that often leaves listeners feeling inspired. Check it out! @comicreliefpodcast #comicbooks #podcasts

A review of "The Origin Changeth" Jim's new book in this Comic Chaos episode

Date: 19 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Chaos
In the latest episode of Comic Chaos, host Jim discusses his new book "The Origin Changeth" and delves into the latest episode of The Mandalorian, analyzing its place in the larger story. Jim's insights into comic book origins and their impact on the stories we love are spot-on, and his passion for the medium shines through in every episode. His take on The Mandalorian is thought-provoking and informative, and he makes a great case for why the show is becoming a cultural phenomenon. Follow @comicchaospodcast on Instagram for more great reviews and interviews with your favorite comic book creators.

Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 509: Worf Factor Nine!

Date: 19 Mar 2023
Source: CSPN’s Comic Book Chronicles – The CSPN
CSPN's Comic Book Chronicles episode is a thrill for those who like comic books and pop culture. With segments on Star Trek and Marvel, the hosts don't shy away from geeky references. The discussions on Worf's role in Star Trek 5 and the Defiant's missions were particularly engaging. The review of the new Star Wars show, Bad Batch, is perfect for fans who want to know if it's worth the watch. The hosts also touch on new releases from DC and Image Comics. If you're a comics enthusiast, this show is worth tuning in to. Instagram handle: @cspnmedia.

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