Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bad Batch, Spiderman 2 Leaked Release Date, and More!

Welcome to The Amazing Advocate, your daily source for reviews of the latest comic book podcast episodes! Today, we have some must-listen episodes from some of the best podcasts out there. The latest episode of Comic Lab features special guest Lar DeSouza discussing hiring a marketing manager and the benefits of utilizing social media for promotion. The Penny Bloom Podcast continues their coverage of Bad Batch Season 2 and the Comic Multiverse crew reviews the leaked release date of Spiderman 2, among other topics. 

Special guest Lar deSouza ("Least I Could Do" and "Looking for Group")

Date: 30 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Lab
The latest episode of Comic Lab with special guest Lar DeSouza is a must-listen for artists and comic book enthusiasts alike. The discussion about hiring a marketing manager and utilizing social media for promotion was insightful. Plus, joining the Patreon community brings early access to episodes and exclusive protips. Don't miss out on learning from the pros Brad Guigar and Dave Kellett by tuning in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pandora, or Stitcher. #ComicLab #ComicBookCommunity #PodcastReview @ComicLabPodcast

Rebellion's Bloom • The Bad Batch #214-#216

Date: 30 Mar 2023
Source: Penny Bloom Podcast
The latest episode of the Penny Bloom Podcast continues their coverage of Bad Batch season 2. The hosts break down the last three episodes of the season, discussing everything from character development to plot twists. They even speculate about what could happen in the upcoming season 3. Their enthusiasm and knowledge of the Star Wars universe make it a must-listen for any fan. Follow their Instagram handle @pennybloompod for more comic book content.

Spider-Man 2 Release Date Leaked | The Comic Multiverse Ep.299

Date: 30 Mar 2023
Source: The Comic Multiverse
The Comic Multiverse's latest episode is a must-listen for superheroes fans! Joel and Matt cover Jonathan Major's arrest, Tony Todd's leak on Spiderman 2, and Tony Stark's new armor in the XMen crossover. Plus, the Hulk and the Thing team up in a new mini-series, and Venomverse comes to a thrilling finale. But the highlight of the episode is the news that Doom Patrol gets an extra issue ahead of its debut. Shazam Fury of the Gods hits digital next month, and a Power Rangers 30th-anniversary special trailer is coming soon. Don't miss it! #TheComicMultiverse.

Dawn of DC News & Reaction, End of Month Live Show, Issue 144

Date: 30 Mar 2023
Source: Lost'n Comics
Lost'n Comics' end of the month live show offers a ton of insight into the latest DC comic book releases for March. The discussion is informative, but also brings a fun and energetic tone that keeps listeners engaged. The hosts also touch on some exciting DC news, making this episode a must-listen for any DC fan. @lostncomics #comicbookpodcast #supportpodcasts

Indie Comics Spotlight: It's Lonely in the Centre of the Earth by Zoe Thorogood

Date: 30 Mar 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
Comics in Motion's latest episode featured an amazing talk with cartoonist Zoe Thorogood about her graphic memoir, "Lonely Centre of My World." This intimate metanarrative reveals the life of a struggling artist who must create to survive. The book is a spectacular read for those who enjoy deep insights into the human psyche. Tony and Alyson conduct a great interview with Zoe, who is refreshingly honest about her journey. A must-listen for all comic book fans! Find them on Instagram @comicsinmotionpodcast.

COMIC TALK TODAY COMIC TALK HEADLINES FOR MAR 29th, 2023 | Who will Mathew McFayden play in Deadpool 3?

Date: 30 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Talk Today
Comic Talk Today's latest episode covers a range of topics from Daredevil's second season to the X-Files reboot. Vincent D'Onofrio is confirmed to be returning for Daredevil's season 2, and there's talk of a Secret Invasion release date. The Venture Bros. box set is coming out on June 20th, and the White Lotus season 3 location has been revealed in Thailand. The podcast is a great source for up-to-date news and opinions on all things related to comic books and superheroes. Follow @comictalktoday on Instagram for more nerdy updates!

Riverdale After Dark: “Don’t Worry Darling”

Date: 30 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
In the latest episode of Comic Book Club, the hosts dive into the premiere of Riverdale's final season. Titled "Chapter One Hundred Eighteen: Don't Worry, Darling," the episode features time travel and a trial inspired by the real-life case of Emmett Till. Jughead tries to convince his friend that they're back in 1955, while Veronica enchants Archie. Meanwhile, Betty and Cheryl team up to help Riverdale High deal with the reality of the trial. This episode is a rollercoaster, filled with suspense and intriguing plot twists. Follow Comic Book Club on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and subscribe to their podcast on Apple, Android, Spotify, or Stitcher.

Some deadpan humor with Deadpool was issue 17…

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Relief Podcast
The Comic Relief Podcast's episode on Deadpool is a must-listen! The first half focuses on the comic book origins of the beloved character, while the second half is an endless raving review of the recent movie. The hosts are hilarious and knowledgeable, and their banter keeps the episode engaging. The discussion of Deadpool's sarcasm and potty-mouthed humor is spot-on. If you haven't seen the movie yet, this episode might be the push you need to finally watch it! Follow Comic Relief Podcast on Instagram for more awesome content. #deadpool #comicbooks #podcasts #comicsgeek

Episode 183 – It’s an Ambush Bug, Not a Feature!

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: The Comics Canon
The Comics Canon's latest episode takes a hilarious look at the 80s comic book character, Ambush Bug. Hosts Kevin and Curt dive deep into this superhero parody, complete with fourth wall breaking and wacky hijinks. The discussion covers appearances in Action Comics and Ambush Bug miniseries, as well as comparisons to Marvel's Deadpool. The review also touches on other comic book topics, like Shazam!, Star Trek: Picard, and Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Join this geeky duo for a fun and entertaining podcast experience. Instagram Handle: @thecomicscanon.

"I’m Always Joking About Something" – An Interview with Writer/Artist MATT KINDT

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Matt Kindt's interview on the Comic Book Yeti podcast was a delight to listen to. The veteran comic book writer discussed his storied career, the inspiration behind creating his new book "Art Objects," and how he manages to juggle multiple series at once. Kindt's work has largely focused on emotional dramatic thrillers, but it was interesting to hear him discuss his comedic tendencies and how he tries to challenge himself as a writer. His upcoming series, including "Spy Suberb," "Mr. Mammoth & Hairball," and "Mind MGMT Bootleg," sound equally intriguing. If you're a fan of comic books and love hearing creators talk about their craft, this episode is a must-listen. @comicbookyeti.

Major Spoilers Podcast #1020: Fruit, Part 3

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Major Spoilers Podcast – Major Spoilers
The latest episode of Major Spoilers Podcast was a fun-filled hour of geeky discussion. The hosts talked about their favorite fruits and even managed to tie in some pop culture references to keep things interesting. They also delved into topics like Power Rangers, Godzilla, and Pirates. One of the highlights of the episode was the debate about whether or not Godzilla could defeat a pirate. Overall, a lighthearted and enjoyable podcast for fans of comic book culture. @majorspoilers #podcastreview


Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast
Review of Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast episode:

The latest episode of Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast features a variety of listener questions and comments, including voicemails from the ever-entertaining Sgt. Merica. Among the contributors are EnglishmanSDCC, Sleepy Reader (aka SleepyReader666), Nick Marino, Peter Rio, and Tommy Redolfi. There is a lot of feedback, so be sure to listen carefully for your own question or comment.

One of the more interesting topics in this episode is the revelation that Sgt. Merica shall sprout forth a missive of his own. We can't wait to hear what he has in store for us. This episode also covers a wide range of social media, including Mastodon, Spoutible, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. The website for the podcast is, so be sure to check that out as well.

Overall, this episode of Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast is a fun and informative listen for any comic book fan. It's always great to hear from fellow enthusiasts and get their take on the latest happenings in the world of comics. Check it out and give them a follow on Instagram at @longboxreview.

Dungeons & Dragons: Fell's Five by John Rogers and Andrea Di Vito

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: The Reader Copy Podcast
The latest episode from The Reader Copy Podcast is a must-listen for any comic book fan. Chris and Daniel dive into the world of Dungeons and Dragons with a fun discussion on the latest expansion, "Fell Five." But the episode doesn't stop there. John Rogers and Andrea Di Vito join in to talk about the upcoming "Joker 2" film and give updates on "Sweet Tooth" season 2. The hosts also share their excitement for the MCU's "Secret Invasion" series. Check out their Instagram handle for even more comic book goodness. This episode is a critical hit! #thereadercopypodcast

Gold Key Comics: Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries ft Michael W Conrad and Mike Dynes

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Keepers
The Comic Book Keepers podcast episode featuring Michael W. Conrad, writer and artist of Batgirls and XO Manowar, provides insight into Conrad's fruitful career and the resurrection of Gold Key Comics. Hosts Lance and Chris delve into the mystery and terror of the iconic comic book publisher with Editor-in-Chief Mike Dyne. The episode also highlights the upcoming Kickstarter project for Gold Key Mystery #1. Overall, this episode is a must-listen for comic book enthusiasts, and the Comic Book Keepers podcast is an excellent source for all things geeky. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @cbkcast.

Episode 366 | Now We're Fighting God, Apparently

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: I Read Comic Books
I highly recommend the latest episode of "I Read Comic Books" where Mike tasked Kara to watch the first episode of Riverdale. It's an entertaining discussion with lots of yelling and spoilers galore. Some interesting timestamps include: 00:00-Comic books, 01:37-Cat cafe, 04:01-Dragon Ball, and 01:30:20-Riverdale discussion. The hosts are hilarious and have great chemistry. Overall, an enjoyable listen for fans of comics and Riverdale. Check them out on Instagram at @ircbpodcast.

Comic Crusaders Podcast #280 - Brandon Starocci/Avalon

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Crusaders Podcast
On the latest episode of Comic Crusaders, co-owner of 1282 Production and creator/writer of Avalon Comics, Brandon Starocci, chats about the Avalonverse and their current Kickstarter for issue 3. The episode highlights the creative process behind making comics and the importance of supporting independent creators. Follow Brandon on Instagram @avaloncomic and support the Kickstarter. Host Al Mega keeps the conversation engaging, and his passion for comics is contagious. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to Comic Crusaders for more comic book goodness! #ComicCrusaders #AvalonComics #Kickstarter #IndependentCreators #Comics #Podcasts

X-Men #15-17 in Review—Return to the Vault!

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
On Comic Book Herald's "Collapse Theory" episode, they delve into the mutant Forge with guest Josh Trujillo. They discuss the Cheyenne native American's cultural upbringing and how it influences his technology-focused approach. Trujillo provides insight into his recent work on Forge in Blue Beetle and Adventure Time. A must-listen for fans of the X-Men and comic book history. Instagram: @comicbookherald. #XMen #Forge #Comics #Podcast

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #590.5: Technical Difficulties

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics
Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics recently experienced a setback with the latest update of Zencastr, leading to an entire episode being lost. Despite the inconvenience, the hosts apologize and promise to record a replacement episode to be posted later in the week. As a fan of the podcast, I appreciate their transparency and commitment to delivering quality content. Here's hoping the replacement episode packs a punch! #talkingcomics #comicbookpodcast

#385 - Comic Tropes First Comic Project! An Interview with Comic Youtuber: Chris Piers

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: The Short Box: A Comic Book Talk Show
The Short Box podcast recently interviewed Chris Pier, artist and former real-life superhero on his first comic project, including his exclusive Vampirella cover for Dynamite Entertainment. Pier talks about the pressure of working on a legacy comic character and his favorite comic artists of all time. He also discusses the River City Superhero Movement and gives advice for aspiring YouTubers on launching a successful comic campaign. Manga appreciation, reading recommendations, and a bonus link to join their Patreon community are just some of the highlights from this episode. Follow them on IG and Twitter at @theshortboxjax, and their website is The music is provided by Mecca tha Marvelous, DJ Crumbz & Lerm. Overall, a must-listen for any comic book fan! #theshortboxpodcast

WCPEver Episode 457 - Catching Up from Planet Comicon

Date: 29 Mar 2023
The latest episode of Worst. Comic. Podcast. Ever! is a must-listen for anyone who loves comic books and conventions. The hosts share their experiences at Planet Comicon, from navigating the con floor to attending after-hours parties and panels. They also discuss their involvement with the Hero Initiative and highlight a recent fundraiser. And don't miss their review of the latest episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+. As always, the hosts pick three sponsored recommendations, including a great comic book store in Kansas City. Overall, this episode is full of fun and geeky content. Follow them on Instagram at @worstcomicpodcastever.

Blacksad ft. Matt Draper

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: The Comics Collective | Comic Book Podcast
In the latest episode of The Comics Collective, Dallas Lexi Anne and returning guest Matt Draper dive into the world of Blacksad. They dissect the characters, themes, and unique art style of the popular comic book series. The conversation is engaging and insightful, especially when they analyze the protagonist's role in the story. Follow @thecomicscollectivepodcast on Instagram for more comic book goodness.

Fortress of Comic News Ep. 310 feat. Daniel Martinez

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Fortress of Comic News
The Fortress of Comic News podcast episode covers a lot of ground in the comic book world, but the highlight is definitely the discussion of the Kickstater for "Fight Lawyer: MMA meets Law and Order." The hosts also delve into recent comic book releases, including "Batman/Superman: World's Finest #13." Don't forget to support the show by shopping through their Amazon Associate link or purchasing Fortress of Comic merchandise. Overall, a great episode for comic book fans looking to stay up-to-date on the latest news and releases in the industry. @fortresscomics

1893 - Gaslight By Zoom

Date: 28 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Geek Speak Podcast - The Best Comic Book Podcast
The Comic Geek Speak Podcast, the ultimate comic book podcast, never disappoints. In their latest episode, Murd, Shane, Peter, Bryan, and the rest of the group lead the table by discussing exciting topics like the decline of 70s movies, the cancellation of Cowboy Bebop on TV, big news in the geekdom world, and much more. They also talk about their upcoming reading topic, Gaslight, in celebration of CGS History Month in March. If you're a fan of comic books and podcasts, this is an episode you don't want to miss! #ComicGeekSpeakPodcast

Comic Book Club: Ryan North, Erica Henderson And Jessi Sheron

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
The Comic Book Club podcast featured guests Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Jessi Sheron. They discussed their latest comic book creations, "Dangerous Unknown Risks" and "The Happy Place". North and Henderson shared their inspiration behind the quirky characters in their series, while Sheron explained how she brings her background in mental health to her writing. It was a fun and informative episode for comic book fans. @comicbookclublive #podcastreview #comicbookfan

#129: Crossbones & Sin! Cap Vol.5 #15-17 (2006) Ed Brubaker / Mike Perkins

Date: 29 Mar 2023
Source: Captain America Comic Book Fans
The Captain America Comic Book Fans podcast offers a deep dive into the world of Cap and his allies. In the latest episode, the hosts discuss the original Ed Brubaker volume, the hunt for the Winter Soldier, and favorite writers. They even try to deprogram Red Skull's daughter! With engaging commentary and fun banter, hosts Rick and Bob connect with fellow Cap fans. Support the podcast and join the community on Facebook and Twitter. Excelsior! #CaptainAmericaComicBookFans #PodcastReview

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