Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Dr. Strange vs. Dracula

Excelsior, true believers! It's your old pal, Stan Lee, here to remind you that even in the darkest of times, the heroes we look up to always find a way to shine through.
Now, take ol' Doc Strange, for instance. He's facing down the Prince of Darkness himself, Count Dracula! A formidable foe, to be sure, but our good Doctor doesn't back down from a challenge. He knows that it's not about the power you have, but how you use it that counts.
So, let's give a hearty "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!" for our sorcerer supreme, and remember that with the right attitude, anything is possible. Face your challenges head on, and like Doctor Strange, you too can emerge victorious, no matter what the odds may be! 'Nuff said!

Comic Book Club: Justin Ciardullo And Erik Radvon

Date: 22 Feb 2023
Source: Comic Book Club
Comic Book Club is a weekly podcast that brings comic book fans the latest news and reviews. Hosts Justin Ciardullo, Erik Radvon, and Gia and Frankie discuss the latest comic book releases, as well as interviews with comic book creators. Fans can subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Android, Spotify, and Stitcher, and follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Support the show on Patreon, and for advertising inquiries, visit the website.

#124: What If the Invaders Had Stayed Together After WW2? (1977) Roy Thomas / Frank Robbins

Date: 22 Feb 2023
Source: Captain America Comic Book Fans
Discover the secrets behind the classic Captain America comic book series with the Captain America Comic Book Fans podcast! Hosted by Roy Thomas, the podcast dives into the 1945 story of Steve Rogers being frozen and the late 1940s/50s Rick and Bob cover story. Thomas also explains the canon of the Exit 616 universe and William Naslund and Jeff Mace. Plus, you can hear Rick's voice connect with fellow Cap fan John F. Kennedy! Join the Facebook and Twitter communities and enjoy the podcast series. If you want to be part of the show, leave a recorded message at the podcast's home page. Help support the podcast by donating at the link provided.

Episode 45 Podcast Addendum – The Tomb of Doctor Strange

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: Into The Weird
Into The Weird is a comic book podcasting site that brings fans the long-awaited showdown between Doctor Strange and Dracula. The storyline follows the two as they meet and continue their battle. Fans of the Marvel universe won't want to miss this epic clash of supernatural forces!

Rebellion to launch new Battle Action mini-series

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Comic Book Yeti is a podcasting site dedicated to comic books and comic book culture. Fans of the genre will be excited to hear that the hugely successful Battle Action series is making a comeback in 2022, with the return of bestselling writer Garth Ennis and the introduction of some of the greatest talent in the comic book world. The new series will be joined by John Wagner, Dan Abnett, Torunn Groslashnbekk, Rob Williams, John Higgins, and Chris Burnham, to name a few. The Battle Picture Weekly is also making a return, with a new five-issue miniseries featuring the fan-favorite WWII flying ace, Johnny Red. The 32-page issue will feature two incredible stories of daring and courage, with a stunning cover by award-winning artist Keith Burns. Battle Action is launching on May 31, 2020 in magazine format and will be available in comic book stores and 2000 AD Treasury British comic webshops.

Welcome to The Last Comic Shop Podcast!

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: The Last Comic Shop
The Last Comic Shop Podcast is the best weekly place to get comic book reviews and interviews with creators. It's the perfect source for comic book fans to stay up to date on the latest news and reviews. Subscribe now at to get the latest reviews and interviews with creators.

In POLARIZED, the most prominent liberal and conservative news anchors are secretly…banging.

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Comic Book Yeti is a podcasting site that covers the new graphic novel, Polarized, written by Brooklyn-based director and producer Tom Mishra and illustrated by Alex Lu. Polarized is a humorous, socio-political romance that broke Amazon's top 500 single day sales, originally funded by Kickstarter. The story follows two news anchors, Olive and Rex, who spew their respective party lines to garner the highest market share, creating an echo chamber inspired by the current media landscape. As they debate at the Politicon conference, they unexpectedly come together in a rapturous night of love-hate making, bridging the political divide and ultimately finding love. Tom Mishra said, "As a nation spirals towards endless division and civil war, we discovered a basic, fundamental truth through the intimate lens of a rom-com: the financial motivation of the media personalities dividing and spreading fear."

All Aboard the Akomi – An Interview with ARI GROSS

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: Comic Book Yeti
Welcome to the Comic Book Yeti Cave! Ari Gross is here to talk about the current campaign for Awakening, a concept that has been worked on in previous projects. With the campaign's final week here, now is the best time to check out Comic Book Yeti. Ari has a lot of experience as a writer, having worked on creator-owned projects such as Tale of the Cloakroom and Fairytale Mar. One thing he has learned is that every creator is different, and every writer, artist, editor, letterer, etc. has their own style and content they produce. Comic Book Yeti is an anthology with really compelling stories, the longest being 45 pages in the case of Quantum Kirby. There is a lot of room to explore concepts, with an upcoming sci-fi oneshot, Awakening, going live on Kickstarter on February 21st. Don't miss out on this chance to check out Ari's work and learn from a creator!

X-Force 2022 in Review! Where Krakoa Keeps Selling Out

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
Comic Book Herald is a podcasting site dedicated to comic books and comic book culture. In their latest article, Ben Percy writes and Robert Gill draws a five-part story arc, "The Beast Agenda," featuring Wolverine. This arc is Percy's longest and most impressive work yet, and is sure to impress die-hard fans. With a braided narrative, this story is sure to be a shaggy dog tale that will prove to be an "epic" worth the read. Don't miss out on this exciting story arc and the chance to experience Ben Percy's talent!

May The Source Be With You!

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: Robservations with Rob Liefeld
Robservations with Rob Liefeld is a podcast dedicated to exploring the world of Marvel and DC comics. Host Rob Liefeld takes listeners on a journey through the history of comic book tropes, from the X-Men's infamous "Outback" era to various origins and more. Comic book fans will love this podcast as it provides an in-depth look at the history of Marvel and DC comics.

Ant-Man: 2/21/23

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: The Last Comic Shop
The Last Comic Shop podcast is the perfect destination for comic book fans looking to stay up to date on the latest news and reviews. Host Andy Larson, co-hosts Chad Smith and Ja Scott, and special guests review the four-part mini-series celebrating the 60th anniversary of Ant-Man, as well as the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe flick, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Join the team for an entertaining and informative look at the world of comic books!

#88 "Ant-Man And the Wasp: Quantumania" Review With Ashley Saunders

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: The Captioned Life
The Captioned Life podcast recently had Ashley Saunders, a movie critic and writer, join Sean to review the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. They discussed the MCU's origin story, their overall thoughts on the film, the best and weakest moments, the Ant-Family dynamic, MODOK, Kang, and what the future holds for the MCU. They also touched on movie critic reviews, audience reactions, and comic book moments in the movie. Ashley Saunders is a movie critic, writer, podcaster, and gamer from the Washington DC area. Her family consists of her husband, two children, one husky, and two ginger cats, Loki and Bucky. She was born and raised in the DC Metro area and still calls it home. Ashley is also the cohost of Geek Girl Universe podcast with one of her closest friends, and they share the latest entertainment news and reactions to celebrity interviews and unboxing videos. Ashley also cohosts the weekly Twitter chat #MarvelMondays which brings Marvel fans together to share their love and thoughts on the fandom. Her creative side has led to partnerships with brands like Marvel Studios and Nickelodeon. Comic book fans, join Ashley and Sean to learn more about the Marvel and Star Wars geeky topics!

DC Spotlight February 21, 2023

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: The Comic Source Podcast
The Comic Source Podcast is a great resource for comic book fans to stay up to date on the latest news and reviews. This week, Jace and Rocky discuss the DC Comic titles for the week of February 21, 2023. It was a strong week with an incredible issue of GCPD that dives into many complex societal issues. Batman's "One Bad Day" and Clayface's similarly filled story provide a real challenge to the creatives. DCEASED War of the Undead and God Give U May Best Moment are the best comic books so far this year.

Episode 1377 - Quantum CNI!

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: Comic News Insider
Comic News Insider is a podcast dedicated to reviewing the latest comic books and discussing the latest news in the comic book world. Join Jimmy, Marta, Melissa, Ricky, Jon, and Therese as they review Betty, Final Girl, Master Universe, Masterverse, The Last Barbarian, Torrent, Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania, and more. They also discuss the latest Lego release, DC Comics' AAPI creator and character, and Bill Waterson's return to publishing. Tune in to get the latest news and reviews in the comic book world!

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania review!

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: Off the Rack Reviews
Off the Rack Reviews is a comic book podcasting site that originally recorded live on YouTube. It is a great resource for comic book fans to stay up to date on the latest news, reviews, and interviews from the world of comic books. The site features a variety of content, from reviews of the latest comic book releases to interviews with comic book creators and industry professionals. It also offers a variety of special events, such as Comic Pop Returns, which was recorded live on February 20, 2023. Off the Rack Reviews is the perfect place for comic book fans to stay informed and entertained.

TGiC PREVIEWS! for 2-22-2023

Date: 21 Feb 2023
Source: This Geek in Comics
This Geek in Comics is a podcasting site dedicated to helping comic book fans stay up to date on the latest releases. Every week, they take a deep dive into the newest comic books hitting the shelves and digital storefronts, so readers can make informed decisions about which titles to pick up. With their help, readers can stay on top of the ever-changing comic book landscape.

Ep. 288 - We're here for Kang! Ant-Man: Quantumania SPOILER review

Date: 20 Feb 2023
Source: Comic Book Bullies
Comic Book Bullies is a podcasting site dedicated to comic book reviews, news, and culture. Fans can listen to reviews of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Swamp Thing: Green Hell 2, Icon & V Hardware 1, Betty: Final Girl 1, and Archie Horror Presents. Retro reviews of Fantastic Four #19 (1961) are also available. Listeners can also hear discussions about the recent Marvel movie release date changes, and Richard Belzer's movie review of the classic Raquel Welch film. Like, share, and subscribe to the podcast for the latest audio link.

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