Wednesday, February 15, 2023

February 15, 2023 - Hulk, Swamp Thing, and other Green Heroes

Excelsior, true believers! As a creative mind, I found inspiration in many things, even in the Hulk's distaste for a television documentary about him. It just goes to show that even the strongest among us can be vulnerable and have their feelings hurt. But it's important to remember that our true strength comes from how we handle those difficult emotions and situations. So never be afraid to speak up for yourself, to express how you're feeling, and to stand up for what you believe in. After all, the greatest heroes are not those without flaws, but those who rise above them and become stronger because of them. Nuff said!

#87 Video Game Movies With Kevin Stahlecker

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: The Captioned Life
The Captioned Life podcast is the perfect destination for comic book fans looking to explore the world of video game movies. In this episode, former co-host Kevin Stahlecker joins Sean to discuss why these movies are so hard to make successful, their favorite and least favorite movies in this genre, and why Street Fighter shouldn't have been called Street Fighter. They also touch on Tom Cruise as Crash Bandicoot, their favorite video games growing up, and their disdain for the Mortal Kombat (2021) movie. Kevin is a long-time comic book and superhero fan, and a co-founder and former cohost of the Captioned Life Podcast. Tune in to explore the world of video game movies!

484 WGCBP | Hulk Smash Puny Documentarians!

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast
This week on The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast™: We remember Charles Kimbrough, Burt Bacharach, Chris Browne, and Lee Moder. Peter Mayhew's Star Wars memorabilia has been returned to his family. We review Star Trek #4, Captain America #10, DC Power: a celebration, Batman #132, Daredevil #8, Hecate's Will #4, and Joe Fixit! Plus, we discuss the Luke Cage miniseries, Grant Morrison's Batman Omnibus, Neil Gaiman's special Sandman story, and more! Tune in to The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast™ for all the latest news and reviews from the world of comic books!

Tales of the Legion Project: LSH v3 Annual 3

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast
Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast is the perfect source for comic book fans looking to dive deep into the world of Legion of Super-Heroes. Peter and I discuss Legion of Super-Heroes v3 Annual #3, "There's No Substitute for the Real Thing" and provide a synopsis, general thoughts, and cover discussion. We also provide a Who's Who Update '87 #3: Legion of Substitute Heroes. All this is set to the backdrop of Blake Neely's "Invasion" from the Flash Season 3 original television soundtrack. Join us on the Legion Project Forum and leave comments, send your comments to or, or chat with us @longboxreview or @peterjrios on Twitter. Tune in and join the conversation!

Swamp Thing #123 (Punctures)

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Planes, Trains and Comic Books
Planes, Trains and Comic Books is a podcast dedicated to exploring the world of comic books and their culture. In this episode, Swamp Thing confronts the Needleman at last, as the Sunderland Corporation throws the bayou's residents into a paranoid frenzy. Join us to hear more about this thrilling story and many more comic book adventures. Support us on Patreon and follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest episodes.

S2E05 "The Last of the Ravenwind Witches"

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Swamp Things Podcast
Swamp Things Podcast is a comic book podcast hosted by Samantha Kacho, featuring original music by Jim Laczkowski of Now Playing Network and a logo by Nat Almirall of Where the Long Tail Ends. In this episode, Kacho dives into issue #5 of the original Swamp Thing run, discussing topics such as witchcraft, prejudice, Puritans, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and more. The podcast is dedicated to the memory of John Bierly, making it a must-listen for comic book fans.

Episode 1376 - Happy Super Valentine's Bowl!

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Comic News Insider
Comic News Insider is the perfect podcast for comic book fans looking for reviews and news about their favorite titles. In this episode, Jimmy brings on Marta, Melissa, Ricky, and Edie to review Harrower #1, Monarch #1, Space Job #1, Harley Quinn's "A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special", Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and the Velma season finale. Emily also provides news about the upcoming Spider-Man Noir live action series on Amazon, Disney's sequels to popular animated films, and Marvel's Phase 6 film release dates. Tune in for reviews, news, and more!

122: Spider-Man: Homecoming - Alex and Drew Rank the MCU

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: 2 Man Comic Book Club Podcast
The 2 Man Comic Book Club Podcast is the perfect source for comic book fans looking to stay up-to-date on the latest news and reviews of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In this episode, Alex and Drew rank the MCU and discuss the new direction of the movies and TV shows coming from James Gunn and DC Comics. They also provide a Google sheet to rank the MCU and a link to learn more about the DCU. Lastly, they recommend the "Backlog Busters" YouTube channel and invite listeners to join their Discord to see the cover of "The Adventures of Captain 166 & Nostrildomus" written and drawn by Drew Morris.

Sins of Sinister #1 Review—The World Magneto Didn’t Live to See

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Comic Book Herald
Discover the latest X-Men event, "Everything Is Sinister", written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Lucas Werneck, with a host of guest artists. This story promises to tie directly into Hickman's original House of X and Powers of X vision, while also setting up the "Fall of X" in May. With a gut-shot of Inferno, and a structural echo of Powers of X, this event is sure to provide exciting and unexpected twists for comic book fans.

Do The Twist! Plot Armor Activated!

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Robservations with Rob Liefeld
Robservations with Rob Liefeld is a podcast that dives deep into the twists and turns of comic books and movies. From Marvel to DC, Image to Star Wars, X-Men to Batman, and Invincible, this podcast provides an in-depth look at the "Plot Armor" that gives the best payoffs. Comic book fans won't want to miss this!

Asterios Polyp: 2/14/23

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: The Last Comic Shop
The Last Comic Shop podcast is the perfect destination for comic book fans this Valentine's Day! Hosted by Andy Larson, with co-hosts Chad Smith and JA Scott, the podcast features a discussion of the Eisner award-winning book Asterios Polyp by David Mazzuchelli. Plus, the panelists look back at the other comics and movies released in the summer of 2009 and enjoy another exciting chapter of "Young Romance" as part of the comic book theater series. Special guest panelist George from Shortbox Summary (@purplebird616) joins the show. Subscribe to Shortbox Summary for more great comic book content!

DC Spotlight February 14, 2023

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: The Comic Source Podcast
The Comic Source Podcast celebrates Valentine's Day 2023 with a breakdown of the DC comics released that day. Jace and Rocky discuss the conclusion of the I Am Batman series, Batman Beyond the White Knight, Swamp Thing Green Hell, and Danger Street, giving comic book fans an in-depth look at the stories and characters they love.

Episode 178- Let's Go Racin' Boys & Girls!

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: The Comic Bookies
Welcome to The Comic Bookies Podcast, brought to you by Treasure Island Comics in Fremont, CA! Here, comic book fans can get the latest news and analysis on the Super Bowl, NASCAR, and the newest comic book releases. We discuss the teams, the cars, the shake ups in drivers, and who we think will reign supreme come November. Plus, we review Captain America, Mile Morales: Spider-Man, and the newest one-shot from Lazarus Planet. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest videos, shorts and live streams. BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY!! We love you all 3000!

The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 577

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: The Comic Conspiracy
The Comic Conspiracy podcast is the perfect source for comic book fans to stay up to date on the latest news and reviews. This week, the team discusses the Dick Tracy Specials, Michael Doran, Jon Kent's journey to Injustice, DC graphic novels back in print, Lee Moder, the most shocking Spider-Man comic in 50 years, Pennyworth, Amazon's new projects, and The Flash trailer. Tune in to hear Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, Kevin Sharp, and Lane Terasaki discuss all the latest comic book news.

Comic Talk Today | That JUST Happened #001

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Comic Talk Today
Discover the latest in comic book culture with Comic Talk Today, a weekly podcast featuring conversations about the things comic book fans are consuming and interacting with. This week, the show covers The Walking Dead, Last of Us, Lockwood & Co, Supernatural, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and Swing Kids. Get the inside scoop on the latest zombie property, find out who Kathleen and Perry are, and learn why Christian Bale and Robert Sean Leonard's movie Swing Kids is so powerful. Tune in to Comic Talk Today and join the conversation!

Earth-Two in the Bronze Age- Episode 9: All-Star Comics #59

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Comics In Motion
Comic book fans, check out Comics In Motion, a podcast featuring the All-Star Super Squad and the JSA as they take on Brainwave and a surprise villain from the JSA's past. Follow the show @ComicsLloyd on Twitter or send an email to You can also find the host, MattB_Lloyd, on Twitter and at, where he writes reviews and edits news stories. He has also contributed to two books, "Politics in Gotham: The Batman Universe and Political Thought" and "Black Panther and Philosophy: What Can Wakanda Offer the World?" Keep an eye out for his upcoming book, "Arkham's Souls," which covers many of Batman's adversaries.

Flash, Guardians 3 and comics!

Date: 14 Feb 2023
Source: Off the Rack Reviews
Off the Rack Reviews is a comic book podcasting site that offers fans an in-depth look into the world of comic books. Hosted by a team of experienced comic book reviewers, the podcast provides listeners with an entertaining and informative look at the latest comic book releases, as well as a deep dive into the history and culture of the comic book industry. With a focus on both classic and modern comic books, Off the Rack Reviews is the perfect destination for comic book fans looking to stay up to date on the latest news and reviews.

Comics & Manga | The Issue Crew

Date: 11 Feb 2023
Source: The Issue Crew
The Issue Crew is a podcast about comic books and manga, hosted by Riely, Demigloom, Moe, Jason, and Kathy. In this episode, the crew discusses comic books and manga, with some drama and in-fighting in between. This is Kathy's final episode as a cohost. Listeners can leave a voicemail or written message for the show at (727) 487-1137 or Check out the podcast on YouTube and join the Discord to join the conversation!

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